What to do about London?

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  • Ha...!!! Sadiq Khan is incompetent.... 8| So, what does that make Boris Johnson...??

    A bit of pointing and sputtering there Jenny. You often resort to haranguing Boris like I or anyone else cares. Boris is a severe disappointment in my opinion and should be removed but we probably don't agree on our reasoning. Khan has indeed been re-elected but I think there was a strategic decision to field crap opponents to him so that he would remain in place. London is a total mess that will be very difficult to fix and having that pillock in charge will keep sharp focus on blaming him for all the problems. The Tories don't need responsibility for London on their plates as well as everything else at the moment. Lets get Covid out of the way and Crossrail up and running before tackling London mayoral issues.

    Of course, the difference between you and I is that I know London. I don't know where you live but from your comments I could reasonably presume you live somewhere with a traditionally negative attitude of the city. You believe all you read in the Tory press and follow it slavishly. A Daily Express Disciple..?

    I live within commuting distance of London. I love visiting London, the sites, the history, the entertainment, the sport. I really love the London Underground, it is a magnificent feat of engineering especially when you consider how long ago the major routes were constructed. There is a lot to like about London and its only 30 minutes away by train.

    The problem I couched in my OP was related to the political landscape. I am sure that you picked up on that but decided to launch into an irrelevant volley of criticism and accusation about sorting Londoner's out when what I actually said was London needing sorting out with reference to the local politics. You knew that though didn't you?

    FYI I don't purchase newspapers and rarely read them, I don't watch TV news any more and rarely watch any terrestrial TV. Why do you resort to stereotyping people? Is it because you cannot comprehend how ordinary, decent people could possibly have views that differ from your own? You say you are a political activist and as such I would suggest you have been sensitised to anything that falls outside of your orthodoxy and automatically assume it is far right extremism. You need to expand your friendship groups and perhaps it is you that should give up the printed media and MSM - it will purify you and you will feel much better - trust me.

    We were in London a couple of weeks ago visiting my family for the first time in over a year. We had a lovely visit. We stayed for a week and in that time we took our daughter to do the tourist places. Buck House..... Regents Park zoo.... The Tower.... all that sort of stuff, now that she's old enough to appreciate these things. During our visit we also had evenings out with my parents and sisters. We even had one night out on the gay scene. It's there. You just have to know where to look. We had a great time that, outside of London and Brighton, is, despite the advances of the last twenty years or so, still quite difficult for LGBT's to find in any quantity.

    While in London we used public transport and lo an behold, it was fine. We suffered no crime, surprise surprise. People didn't hassle us. Shopkeepers and street vendors were courteous and civil. Everybody we met seemed happy and contented with their lot. And so what if there are "brown faces" on the streets...? So what if some people speak in their native language..? Do Britons living in Spain converse with each other in Spanish...? I don't think so. But brown faces and foreign tongues are not a big deal to Londoners. We've lived with it since the Romans came and put a city there in the first place...!! Sheesh....!!

    I'm really happy that you had a nice time in London, as I said there is so much to see and do and the transport links are generally superb. I have no interest in the gay scene so I wouldn't look for it myself. However, you cannot get away from the facts, here are the London Crime Stats for 2021

    London Crime Stats

    As you can see there is lots of theft and petty crime and there is a good chance of having your bike stolen. But the stand out figures with by far the greatest number of reported crimes by some considerable margin is the category for violent crime.

    Who is committing all that violence?

    What is driving it?

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • It's one of the nastier aspects of the British mindset, to think that everybody has to speak English all the time. It's one of the worst aspects of our ignorance as a people.

    I was born there, I grew up there. My family still lives there. They have no complaints. No problems with the way the city is run. My very Cornish wife loves visiting. We had a great time and will go back. Nobody who lives there, that I've met, has a bad word to say about Sadiq Khan..... rather... they're absolutely delighted that Londoners didn't get foisted with another Tory nightmare like Boris Johnson as Mayor. They despise him....... and his Brexit......... with a passion.

    It is not unreasonable to expect to be able to be understood speaking English in England. Any professional job would have stringent language requirements. Where people struggle with English but get the job anyway it is because they are cheap labour and that has been one of the biggest problems with freedom of movement and unmetered migration from outside the EU...unless you harbour the delusion that all these boat people are engineers and doctors.

    I am really happy for your family, I am glad they obviously live in a better part of London untroubled by the undeniable crime problem. I don't like Boris either, it wasn't his Brexit it was the majority vote and had to be completed regardless of who was in charge. I am sorry they are so upset by Brexit, there are bigger things to worry about though like the political cesspit that London has become.

    It is true that I "Buggered off" to Cornwall. Rather, I say I "Relocated". And for two reasons. 1) to be with the woman I love and eventually married, and 2) because after graduating I was able to obtain a position there in the profession I studied and trained for. I'd still be doing that job now if, after only 6 years in, a certain Mr Cameron hadn't sold it off to private businesses who immediately cherry picked those they wanted to keep (that is, the most experienced and highly qualified) and culled the rest (me included). So yes. I "buggered off" to Cornwall, but not out of any antipathy towards London.

    So you probably specialised in Employment Law by the sounds of things and then Cameron and Gideon changed the law to make it easier to get rid of people. I know of whole law firms that went under because of that, they refused to or could not diversify and went under quicker than the Titanic. It is tough when you have studied to carve out a career for yourself and then some politicians take it away. You know how coal miners and steelworkers feel I suppose and I bet you never thought that would happen to you when you were studying at Uni did you?

    You did bugger off to Cornwall, white flight it's called, you did it, you are just trying to justify your actions to me. I don't care, I'm not judging you, I would have done the same if I were you, Cornwall is a lovely place as far away from London as you can get in every imaginable way.

    But you say Londoners "need sorting out".... and from your reply to my last post, you clearly continue to endorse that view. Somebody who I suggest doesn't live in London and probably has no connection to the place, declares that it "needs sorting out"...... why..? So that it can be forced to toe the line on Brexit..? To become "Politically cleansed"...? That sort of remark is only one step away from "ethnically cleansed" and I suspect you wouldn't object to that happening either.

    I never said Londoners need sorting, I said London needs sorting out. The reasons for why London is mis-aligned need to be understood. I think its driven by poverty, immigration and as I said the absence of decent candidates to offer an alternative. As the population of London is now overwhelmingly non-white and not of British origin, the values of wherever the voters originate from now permeate. They see the advantage of weak leadership such as Khan. It also explains the violent crime which dominates the statistics. London is a foreign city at the heart of our nation. I really don't have any easy answers, I suspect that London is lost for several generations and eventually either it will be reclaimed by rUK or rUK will fall as London has.

    Bearing in mind that this forum is (despite the denial of an individual whose word I wouldn't trust if you paid me) This really IS a one-party forum. An echo chamber of hard right neo-fascism. I'm the only dissenting voice here.

    Don't make me laugh Jenny, most of us are here because we have been kicked off other Forums for expressing our reasonable views. It's people like you who would flag a post such as my OP "What to do about London" and I would get a strike or straight ban. But go on Twitter and declare that all white people should be killed and it will get a million retweets and nothing will happen. I welcome your alternative views but could do without the barrage of insults. I avoid calling you names other than lefty so it would good if we could share this common ground.

    But, let's assume for one moment you're not proposing some form of "final solution" to your imaginary London problem ....tell me...... what form of "sorting out" do you propose...? I expect your "sorting out" to go along the lines of some sort of "enforcement" programme.

    Education is the answer, as people become more affluent their views change. When people have something to lose they start to look more closely at who they are associating with. You may think that enforcement is the answer but that doesn't sound like a good idea at all. I'll stick to the idea of self improvement leading to enlightenment.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

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