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  • I am staying at my daughters for Christmas. I have discovered Virgin connection for WiFi blocks VPNs by default... why dont all companies do that given VPNs are a kinda avoidance connection?

  • I don't know anything about VPNs sorry, but I doubt VM would be able to block all VPNs. How could they possibly know about all of them?

    Hopefully someone who knows about this stuff will reply.

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  • There are perfectly legitemate reasons why a home connection is using a VPN. If you do work for corporations and other companies you can only access their server resources over a secure private encrypted channel i.e. A VPN. I myself have used ones when I do work for these companies and there's no problem with my VM connection. My WiFi is provided by my own router* so VM wouldn't even know if the device is wired or not.

    VM do not at this time routinely do DPI (deep packet inspection) as the network overhead would make everything grind to a halt. Only the headers are interpreted for the destination IP number, this is necessary for the whole internet to work and it also provides a point where VM can block access to certain websites and resources. This is in addition to their DNS not giving out the IP's of sites like TPB. I use Googles DNS instead.

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  • They can only see the one IP address that leads to possibly a VPN server and the port used. It most likely would be a VPS in a one of the countries so it wouldn't even be that recognizable. Just another datacentre full of VPS's. The port is a bit of a giveaway though but ports can be changed, randomized throughout a range and they do. An ISP could put a block on users if they suspected something but then they will lose far to many customers. And as has been said there are many legit reasons for using a VPN. People that think using a VPN is only for criminal activities are sucked in and brainwashed by political media nonsense. At the end of the day anyone can setup and run their own VPN. VPN's have been around forever, mainly for business confidentiality purposes and / or tunnelling in from your home computer to the office. You don't have to go through a VPN provider, these are a relatively new service. One could Just as easily rent some space on a VPS somewhere in the world and setup their VPN. The same with email. One can easily run their own email server from home or from a rented server elsewhere in the world.

    Anyone that is into anything criminal doesn't even need a VPN and can happily sit on someone else's network and do it. Coffee shop, pub, or wherever. Hack into the neighbours WiFi or someone else computer in the pub because they are insecure and not using a VPN on a public network. Send your requests from someone else's computer or phone over the WiFi on a public network without them even knowing. Besides if you don't have a VPN then use a Proxy or a P2P network or if you want to chat with your mates then use IRC. There are many networks out there outside of port 80 and 443. P2P will be the future for surfing the web. Totally decentralised and anonymous as it should be.

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