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  • lovinthetelly on Digital Spy has said 5Star+1 has taken 141 FreeSat EPG number from 5Spike today.

    So much for my late night idea that the Freeview move of Smithsonian Channel onto a C5 LCN might happen on FreeSat too.

  • Missed this. Apparently happened a couple of weeks ago.

    Pop+1 (606) has been removed from FreeSat EPG.

    Will still be available to manually tune in, if you have a box that has the function, as it's still available on Sky (I checked).

    New change.

    Sony Channel +1 has moved from 152 to 143 alongside its primary channel.

  • Starz (501) has been removed.

    Source : lovinthetelly on Digital Spy

    This now leaves only one Music channel on the Freesat EPG. Probably should move it, and the only Sports channel into Entertainment section.

  • Perhaps jumping ahead here, but could Freesat be on the way out?

    It'll probably be around as long as Satellite is still around, in some form or another. They've just launched two new boxes (and HDD size options) so it's still a going concern. I heard it made it's first profit after a reorganisation of their structure, but the source was a 3rd party so I can't be sure about it.

  • If they're making money, then I agree, especially as I suspect that Sky won't remain a satellite tv company for too many more years, giving Freesat a clear run to itself.

  • 140 - BET has been removed

    Source : lovinthetelly on Digital Spy.

    It's owned by ViacomCBS, for those that didn't know, so maybe since they are involved with Channel 5 and Smithsonian, maybe its EPG place will be reused for something else they run. Maybe Smithsonian will move up? It's currently second bottom of the Freesat Entertainment section.

  • If they're making money, then I agree, especially as I suspect that Sky won't remain a satellite tv company for too many more years, giving Freesat a clear run to itself.

    Despite what I said above, if Sky decide to terminate their use of satellite delivery, I wonder how many third party channels will also leave satellite, making it cease to be viable?? As it is, many of the smaller satellite channels appear to find the extra EPG fees for going onto Freesat outweigh the extra ad revenue from the increased reach.

    As it looks like the BBC is going to have to make more cuts and may lose the income from a universal licence fee, maybe they too will look to internet streaming to provide a PSB service to those unable to receive Freeview??

  • All Freesat boxes should have the facility to be able to tune into all FTA channels in non Freesat mode. This was due to an EU directive made years ago, though of course this may now change.

    The drawbacks of doing this is that these channels won't appear on the EPG (and of those that can be added will only have now/next information), nor will they be recordable on the vast majority of Freesat PVR boxes.

    I believe that the boxes that allowed this are no longer in production.

  • An interesting entry has appeared in the Freesat SDT today - 'Pick' with a service type of 25 (HD). This is in addition to 'Pick' (SD) and 'Pick +1'.

    It points to SID 5829 on TSID 2034 (12363V S2-8PSK 27500 2/3).

    This isn't yet broadcasting, but it's worth keeping an eye on this TP, which is one of the few Sky-operated UK beam transponders.

    If Pick HD does come to fruition, it might only be temporary for the FTA football though.

  • The EPG for this channel starts at 6am on 17/6/20, giving them two days leeway in case of any problems.

  • On 11.914H SR 27500 FEC 5/6 DVBS QPSK there is a label called 5828 which is showing the Sky Store promo (which is different to Sky channel 999)

    Lovinthetelly has also confirmed that this channel has got Freesat data PIDs attached.

    I wonder if this is a test for another Sky channel that's coming to Freesat? Could Challenge be going HD (doubt it), could Sky News HD be coming to Freesat or could it be the new home for a FTA Sky Arts??

    Edit: I had assumed that Sky Store was just being used for testing purposes, however, perhaps they are actually bringing Sky Store to Freesat as their website says:

    'Sky customers can buy or rent movies from Sky Store via their Sky Q and Sky+ boxes, via the Sky Store app across a range of devices and online at With no subscription needed to access Sky Store, the service is available to anyone online, on the app and on NOW TV boxes.'

  • According to RXTVlog, Pick TV HD will be on channel 147 on Freesat, the recently closed Challenge+1's old number.…es-hd-in-complex-pre.html

    Additional: it seems that on Freesat the HD version of the channel will be the only version on Freesat that has the Premier League football. The SD and +1 will be showing the non-football version of the channel.

    The HD version is on a UK spotbeam, the SD versions on Freesat are on a wider spotbeam. So the difference is rights-related.


    Yet More:

    Freesat website now confirms the version on 147, but like the version on Cable it doesn't have HD in the logo/name.

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