The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

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  • I wasn't sure where to put this so apologies if in the wrong section.

    Everyone should watch this if they can find the time. Well worth it. This is why nothing will change no matter which party is in charge and how corporations and banking rule and have the power over government who are also on the take. They cover each others backs and make them rich at the expense and suffering of everyone else. Privatisation is in their benefit and it does not matter what the people want or who they vote for. The system is screwed. I'm suprised this has not been removed from youtube. I have downloaded just in case before it's buried along with Nikola Tesla.

  • In this era of being called a "conspiracy theorist" there are many instances when the subject is tge truth. Even David Icke has sufficient claims which turned out to be true, as to end the mickey taking.

  • I like David Icke but some of his stuff is a little far fetched or exaggerated. The thing about the above video is the credible witnesses in financial services and accounts. Of course we all know about the tax havens in the Caribbean and Guernsey Isles but to see the connection with the City of London and how it all operates is very interesting indeed. I dislike the term conspiracy theorist. That was a term created after 9/11 to try and make people look like their are lunatics when in fact many are onto something.

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