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  • Meanwhile, police have issued a picture of two people they would like to interview, who they believe are responsible for stirring up the race hatred towards black footballers last week.



    Black Britons everywhere are overjoyed following the decision by white racists all over the country to tell them various ways they can protest racism with nice, non-confrontational methods that don't make white racists feel uncomfortable.

    In London, Jamaican born Reheemius Sterlington interrupted his dance of happiness so he could express his undying gratitude to middle aged, salmon-pink faced men who told him how he should respond when discriminated against or abused by racists.

    He told this CPDK reporter “Most of my life, I’ve been flailing about trying to find my own ways to assert my dignity as a human in the face of repugnant hatred. But it’s always been so difficult as my other priority in life is not to disturb right-wing retired suburbanites who think they’re civil rights heroes because they watched a Lenny Henry show on Channel 4 in 1988."

    “But now, thanks to people who have been condemning BLM and vocal black people for years, and repeating the word "woke" in every sentence, sometimes several times over, I can see how all I need to do the next time drunk yobs hurl racial slurs at me, is write a letter to my Conservative MP. I’ve been freed from my own blindness.”

    Although he was not taking questions on his brilliant intiatives to instruct black people about anti-racist activism, "Mad" Mick O'Murphy, a resident of somewhere probably not in Scotland, told us “Why don't they form a choir and insert No To Racism in the lyrics of family favourites? Or perhaps hold a Diversity Day - only one, mind - in the park with traditional English fun like a Maypole and Morris Dancing troupe wearing the customary blacked up face.....….. Oh......... OK, Just the maypole, then."

  • Supermarkets are starting to use these specially designed "Shelf Fillers" to disguise shortages that are starting to be caused by Brexit now that the stockpiled stores from before Britain finally departed the EU are starting to become depleted. It isn't serious yet, but these signs are starting to pop up with increasing frequency.

    Meanwhile, EU countries report full shelves and no shortages of anything.


    It will be interesting to see, over the coming months, whether this practice becomes more widespread.

    It will be VERY interesting to see if there are major shortages come Christmas time. Supermarkets might be able to get away with it in July..... but shortages in December....?

    Time will tell.

  • The Chinese pandemic has vastly reduced the number of lorry drivers, resulting in shops and supermarkets unable to restock as quickly as normal. This pandemic has devastated trade and transport. China is to blame...

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