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  • Supermarkets are starting to use these specially designed "Shelf Fillers" to disguise shortages that are starting to be caused by Brexit now that the stockpiled stores from before Britain finally departed the EU are starting to become depleted. It isn't serious yet, but these signs are starting to pop up with increasing frequency.

    Meanwhile, EU countries report full shelves and no shortages of anything.


    It will be interesting to see, over the coming months, whether this practice becomes more widespread.

    It will be VERY interesting to see if there are major shortages come Christmas time. Supermarkets might be able to get away with it in July..... but shortages in December....?

    Time will tell.

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • The Chinese pandemic has vastly reduced the number of lorry drivers, resulting in shops and supermarkets unable to restock as quickly as normal. This pandemic has devastated trade and transport. China is to blame...

  • Guess what. She's a Tory.


    I'll bet when she made the donation to the hospice, the Daily Express didn't tell their readers that she tried to claim it back on expense.

    Tories. Still dipping their fingers in the till.



    We should be so lucky.


  • Karma Police: Tim Martin's Wetherspoons Supply Problem To be Solved By Dido Harding

    The Cornish Party of Democratic Karma has never known exactly why Tim Martin ever supported Brexit given his business model of avoiding tax, exploiting workers and selling crap food in his shitty pubs. The only workable hypothesis can be that he figured it would allow Tories to crush workers rights and corporate tax rates and the rest of the country can go to hell.

    Unfortunately, there has been a personal blowback on Mr Martin that he clearly didn't factor in, but hey, who could have possibly imagined that the EU would be such utter bastards regarding legal arrangements and obeying the law.... given that they need us more than we need them, and all.

    There is some sort of argument circulating that he should dragoon the army into securing beer supplies for his Brexit Churches, but that alone might not be enough to solve the problem given that there isn't enough of an army left after 11 years of thick-as-two-short-planks Tory austerity.

    "An expert in feathering your own nest and getting somebody else to pay for it is called for", a Wetherspoons rep told the CPDK. "This is why we're seeking the assistance of Dido Harding. She had a major role, alongside the Prime Minister and his minions, in ensuring that the effect of the pandemic in the UK was among the worst anywhere in the world. She'll have no trouble finding beer for us to sell."

    The Wetherspoons man went on to inform the CPDK that the budget for the Stale Ale Track And Trace System will be publicly funded, because using taxpayers cash to reward political allies is par for the course with the Johnson government.

    "Whatever else happens, you can be guaranteed that the involvement of Dido Harding will ensure public cash ends up in the right pockets", he said with a knowing wink.

    A spokesman for 10 Downing Street said "Mr Martin has our full support over this crisis that nobody could possibly have foreseen."

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • Yes, it’s funny that no-one foresaw Covid-19 coming. At least that’s one major economic impact that had nothing to do with Brexit.

    You do appreciate, Jenny, that it was not possible to train new drivers or provide the required refresher trading to existing drivers during the lockdown, don’t you? We could have coped with Brexit, but adding the pandemic to the mix was just too much.

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  • If you do a google search you'll find empty supermarket shelves all over the EU. Nothing to see, move along.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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