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  • I'm not a customer, but I was made aware of this earlier tonight, so I'll post it.

    Smithsonian Channel is moving from 195 to 160 on the Sky EPG from this Monday (9th).

    A quick search suggests this was the former VH1 slot, so this is ViacomCBS shuffling their own services again, like they did recently with Smithsonian and 5Spike on Freeview.

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  • The long awaited HDR feature will now be rolled out on the latest Sky Q boxes tomorrow (Wednesday) it is anticipated. It will be available on some on demand services, not on live tv.…ected-to-happen-this-week

    Sky is expected to launch content in High Dynamic Range from this Wednesday.

    According to ISPReview, the HDR launch will coincide with the debut of the broadcaster’s new channels, Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.

    Sky is expected to introduce HDR using the HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) standard. The vast majority of HDR TVs in use already support HLG, which has been trialled by the BBC on iPlayer, alongside HDR10.

    However, the HDR content is not expected to be available for all of Sky’s customers. According to Forbes, the new 1TB and 2TV Sky Q boxes will support HDR, but older Sky Q boxes will not.

    It’s also thought HDR will only be available on VoD downloads, not as part of any linear live transmission.

    Sky hasn’t officially confirmed the launch, but it also hasn’t denied it.

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