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  • Roger Johnson said on North West Tonight last night that the programme is in HD on Sky Glass and the iPlayer and will be early next year on satellite (and terrestrial).

    I'm surprised Satellite isn't before DTT, suppose it still could be. Cable will probably happen at same time as Satellite, though Cable tends not to get mentioned on UK TV.

  • Looks like Sky has announced their EPG upheaval for BBC3.

    a516digital just tweeted this graphic. *New* It's been pointed out this is Sky Glass and it bloomin' says so in the minds was clearly elsewhere. Sorry. (Source is PDF on this page.)

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    Looks like Sky's solution is to have 120 and 121 empty in certain regions, and advance multiple Sky-branded channels, and SyFy and E!

    ITV's numbered channels have all been shunted to worse positions.

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