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  • Money? Maybe Discovery believe that people go to their content as opposed to via channel hopping and Viacom believe otherwise for their channels, so were prepared to pay for a better EPG position?

  • I'm expecting Lifetime and Discovery Shed to creep up the EPG at some point, or closed down. They've been low for a while, for "well known channels".

    Shed in particular is an odd one. Discovery have had that way down the EPG for ages, which you would think suggested closure and then closed Travel Channel which was about 20ish places higher. At this point you'd have at least thought Discovery would move Shed up into Travel Channel's old slot, it looked an obvious move. But no.

    As others have said, there will be money and contract reasons I'd imagine, but we'll likely never know.

  • Courtesy of the regular Sky Guide Changes thread on their official forums, more changes in a few days.

    Thursday 27th

    • Sky Sports Mix (145) moves to EPG number 416.
    • Sky Two (168) moves to EPG number 145 and renames to Sky Replay.
  • Taken from Sky Official Community Forum. Posted there by regular Chloe-W22, a Sky employee.

    Changes on 1st October 2020.

    • Disney Jnr HD (607) closes permanently
    • Disney Jnr+ (608) closes permanently
    • Disney Channel HD (609) closes permanently
    • Disney Channel+1 (610) closes permanently
    • Disney XD HD (611) closes permanently
    • Disney Junior SD (643) closes permanently
    • Disney Channel SD (644) closes permanently
    • Disney XD SD (645) closes permanently
    • CBBC (613) moves to EPG number 607
    • CBeebies (614) moves to EPG number 608
    • CBBC HD (646) moves to EPG number 643
    • CBeebies HD (647) moves to EPG number 644
    • BBC Alba (141) moves to EPG number 117 in Scotland only
  • Several new regions are now testing in HD. These are: Meridian South, Yorkshire East, Meridian North, Anglia West and Central East.

    Once they launch, Border Scotland and Channel TV will be only regions not available in HD on satellite.

  • Sky and Freesat are getting more ITV HD regions. Official tweet confirms Meridian for the West, South East and Thames Valley.

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    Following the loss of Disney channels on Sky, more animated content from Dreamworks has been commissioned for their Sky Kids on demand service. Sky One will also schedule these programmes, so Virgin viewers should get the benefit as well.…-dreamworks-in-nbcu-deal/

  • Information on changes given by Sky employee on official Sky Forums TV Service Change thread.

    Baby TV (612) moved to EPG number 609 on 14th October.

    From 20th October (today)

    • 5 x regional ITV HD launches (103/803)
    • ITV HD (Yorkshire East)
    • ITV HD (Central East)
    • ITV HD (Anglia West)
    • ITV HD (Meridian North)
    • ITV HD (Meridian South)
    • ITV closures - 4 x SD regions (103)
    • ITV Border England SD closes - ITV Border Scotland SD replaces it
    • ITV Anglia West SD closes - ITV Anglia East SD replaces it
    • ITV Meridian North SD closes - ITV Meridian South SD replaces it
    • ITV Yorkshire East SD closes - ITV Yorkshire West SD replaces it
    • ITV closures - 6 x ITV+1s (203)
    • ITV+1 Anglia closes - replaced by ITV+1 Meridian
    • ITV+1 West closes - replaced by ITV+1 Central
    • ITV+1 Tyne Tees closes - replaced by ITV+1 Granada
    • ITV+1 W Country closes - replaced by ITV+1 Central
    • ITV+1 Wales closes - replaced by ITV+1 Central
    • ITV+1 Yorkshire closes - replaced by ITV+1 Granada
    • 5 x ITV HDs close at (176)
    • ITV Anglia East HD closes at 176
    • ITV London HD closes at 176
    • ITV Central West closes at 176
    • ITV Meridian East HD closes at 176
    • ITV Yorkshire West HD closes at 176
    • ITV Border England HD REMAINS
  • The above post about ITV was copy and pasted, and as such I need to point out the wording is a little misleading. It could be misunderstood as some ITV HD regions closing, as it says as much, but what it actually means is they won't be on Sky Channel Number 176 any more, they'll be on Channel 103.

    • Sky Atlantic (108) moves to 109 in Wales only
    • W (109) moves to 110 in Wales only
    • GOLD (110) moves to 111 in Wales only
    • Dave (111) moves to 112 in Wales only
    • ComedyCentral (112) moves to 113 in Wales only
    • Sky Comedy (113) moves to 114 in Wales only
    • Sky Documentaries (114) moves to 115 in Wales only
    • Channel 4 (117) moves to 108 in Wales only

    The above Wales-only changes, that occurred on 9th November, are to accommodate OFCOM requiring Channel 4 to be in the Top 8 EPG positions by January 2021.

    • Nickelodeon +1 (605) moves to 620
    • Nicktoons (606) moves to 605
    • Nick Jr (615) moves to 606
    • Nick Jr Too (620) moves to 615

    The above Kids TV reshuffle happened on 10th November.

    All changes sourced from Sky Employee Chloe-W22 post on the official Sky Forums.

    • Staff Notice

    Sky updates are being rolled out to bring more HDR to the platform and other improvements.…ne-viewing-in-new-update/

    Sky has begun its roll out of HDR support for Sky Q as part of a major update for the pay TV platform.

    The addition of HDR is the biggest update of note to the platform, and comes after support for the higher fidelity format was added for Netflix and Disney+.

    Sky said that it will add HDR versions of its originals such as Chernobyl and Gangs of London in December, while over 40 movies including all eight Harry Potter films and Little Women will also be watchable in HDR.

    Users will know the content they are watching has the extra fidelity via an HDR icon which will pop up when selecting content.

    Another addition for Sky Q is the much-requested inclusion of access to content when the satellite signal goes down.

    While Sky has been praised for its user experience, the nature of satellite broadcasting means that extreme weather can cause outages. This has previously restricted access to all aspects of content on the platform, but Sky is now lifting those restrictions. Now, in the event of signal loss, users will be able to watch recordings from their DVR, access apps like Netflix and watch Sky’s VOD content.

    The update also brings enhancements to voice search, adds personalised ‘What’s on’ recommendations for favourited channels, and introduces PIN for apps.

    Fraser Stirling, group chief product officer, Sky, said: “We’re continuing to add new features to Sky Q and Sky Go, with updates almost every week, so your Sky TV experiences keep getting even better. You can watch more TV and movies in stunning HDR picture quality, get personal with voice search, enjoy more sporting action anywhere with Sky Go, and find more of what you love with our simple homepage, easy.”

    Sky also said that it has introduced new updates to complementary CTV and mobile app Sky Go, with access to Sky’s red button channels and video shorts for trending sports coverage.

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