Jeffery Epstein - Filthy Rich

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  • Just finished watching this four part documentary on Netflix. Absolutely fascinating. I didn’t realise just how crooked he was and for how long he had been at it. His penchant for young/underage girls didn’t publicly manifest itself until the mid 1990’s. However his criminality was there to see from mid 1970’s. I wasn’t aware of his relationship with Robert Maxwell’s daughter who it would seem was complicit in his obsession with young girls. His ability to “get“ to those in power and influence them was remarkable including the manner in which he managed his own jail sentence by somehow changing the mind of the Florida District Attorney who subsequently went on to high rank in the Trump administration. His death left a lot of people disappointed that he wasn’t convicted for his crimes in the end. Having watched the documentary now I am less convinced that he was killed in custody and perhaps more swaying towards suicide purely because he was smart enough to realise the game was up. Of course the other powerful people he could’ve exposed may have had him finished off but that to me is a bit far fetched.

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    Thanks for highlighting this.

    I intend to watch this as soon as I can, as I think this subject is not going to go away anytime soon.

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  • What a turn up for the books. Just one day after my post above ^^^ Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested by the FBI. She was previously immune from prosecution as part of the original deal done between Epstein and US law enforcement. However that was overturned and lead to Epstein’s re-arrest and subsequent death (suicide?).

    It is fair to say that she knows as much dirt as Epstein did so she poses a real danger to a lot of high ranking or well known characters and no doubt she can reduce her own jail time by spilling the beans on these people.

    I hope the FBI can keep her alive long enough to get to the conclusion of this sordid story. Who knows it could see HRH being served with extradition papers. That would definitely put a strain on the special relationship but if he has nothing to hide he has nothing to fear.

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