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  • Apparently CBS Reality and Horror Channel are joining My5.

    This begs two questions:

    1) Did they leave off CBS Justice and CBS Drama intentionally? (i.e. an error.)

    2) Are the CBS Catch-Up and Horror Bites apps on Freeview Play's days numbered?

    Both My5 and All4 are bulking up their apps, the former with 2nd and 3rd Party channel content, the latter with 3rd party boxset content deals.

    (Note: By 2nd Party I mean they have the same, or share, a parent company, even though they are run separately.)

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    That’s right - here’s the story.…nnel-content-in-amc-deal/

  • I would have expected all the apps that are on the V6 to be on the TV360, to be honest.

    Are there any other apps missing, and does the Horizon box have any that the V6 doesn’t?

    I didn't. As a long term follower of various niche operating systems, and in particular in regard to the "App" Era I know how app eco systems take a long time to ramp up and rarely start with even the best known and used international apps, let alone ones for companies who are prominent only in one country. If Horizon was made by Tivo I'd maybe have expected more, but different company's products are often very different, even though they are for the same purpose.

    Ozsat mentioned several apps in their first few posts on the Horizon 360 thread on Cable Forum. TV360 doesn't have that many to my recollection, but yes I think there are a couple of unique ones, but they aren't for video streamers as far as I remember. You'd probably be better asking ozsat for the current list on CF.

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    Paul0363 on Cable Forum has confirmed the following apps on the TV360:

    ‘Al Jazeera

    BBC iPlayer

    BBC News

    BBC Sounds

    BBC Sport


    Deutsche Welle

    France 24


    Prime Video (Amazon)

    Radio Line

    STV Player

    TV Upgrades


    VM Store

    You Tube

    All4, My5 etc are not apps in their own right but content is accessible via the Catch Up menu by selecting from the channel drop down.

    At least Netflix, Amazon, BBC I-Player and You Tube are on there - these are the main ones I use on the V6.

  • I was just surprised the BBC News and BBC Sport TV Apps were ported given they've been earmarked for closure since before lockdown. Unless Horizon has been in a trial phase since at least last year. There was bound to have been a private trial before the publicly advertised ones, so it's probably why. Porting costs time and money, so I doubt the BBC would have put the effort in if they knew.

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    The sports streamer DAZN arrives in the UK on 1 December. The price seems to be quite nice.…nch-date-and-price-point/

    DAZN sets international launch date and price point

    Stuart Thomson

    Garcia-Campbell_16x9-300x169.jpgSports streamer DAZN will launch the delayed expansion of its presence to over 200 countries and territories with its combat sports offering from December 1. The platform will debut with back-to-back weekends featuring boxing events with international appeal, DAZN said.

    DAZN announced the planned expansion of its presence to over 200 markets in March, but the launch was subsequently delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The sports streamer said that initial monthly price point for new markets will be the equivalent of £1.99 or less.

    At launch, DAZN’s global platform will feature world championship boxing events, as well as an archive of classic fights, athlete features and a slate of original programming including 40 Days, Saturday Fight Live and One Night. Additional sports and programming will be added beginning in 2021, the streamer said.

    The DAZN app will be available globally on most internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and living room devices such as smart TVs, streaming sticks and game consoles.

  • I discovered earlier this week BBC Sounds is now on Roku. Only certain models so far so don't get hopes up, I managed to find it on a search after I was told it had launched, found it but it refused to install when I clicked Add Channel.

    I looked at the support page again the other day and the BBC Sounds TV App is now supported on a larger number of Roku and Roku-based devices (i.e. various Now TV-branded boxes/sticks).

    The previous link I posted no longer works, the new one is

    So it still won't work on my device, but it should work on the one I gave to a relative. Progress. I'm not expecting mine to ever work though, supporting every model is time and cost expensive and they have to draw the line somewhere, though iPlayer and lots of other major apps still work on it.

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    A new LGBTQ+ streamer is launching in the UK.…g-service-launches-in-uk/

    The new on-demand subscription service costs £2.99 a month or £29.99 a year (€3.49 a month or €34.99 a year in Ireland), and offers LGBTQ+ and allied audiences a mixture of inclusive, queer-focused content from drama to comedy, documentaries, reality and movies. The service is available through web browsers at and through Froot apps for iOS and Android devices, Roku and Amazon Fire.

  • POP Player brings some kids TV catch-up to Freeview Play. And new content to those not in coverage areas for their 3 channels. Source @ukdtt on Twitter.

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  • Thanks to a516digital on Twitter for the heads up about the newest Discovery+ Press Release here.

    The interesting piece of information for me is that Eurosport Player is basically going to disappear and Eurosport streaming content added to Discovery+.

  • ITV Hub App (finally) available in Scotland on Virgin Media for non-Channel 3 content.

    Note : This is for V6 (and probably original Tivo). No idea what situation is for app on TV360 in Scotland.

  • ITV Hub App (finally) available in Scotland on Virgin Media for non-Channel 3 content.

    Note : This is for V6 (and probably original Tivo). No idea what situation is for app on TV360 in Scotland.

    This looks like it was a mistake as it's now been removed for me and Media Boy. Maybe there was a fault and it will return? We'll see.

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