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  • What's changed? I'm not sure if my tvs have been done yet?

    See the link to the BBC Blog article in my earlier post. There are screenshots and explanations.

    They don't update all the TV platforms at once, it could take many weeks, a few manufacturers at a time.

  • I've got the latest update of the TV version of iPlayer on my V6. Rollout is never even, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  • I checked my (relatively) ancient Roku yesterday and it now has the updated iPlayer TV app. Seems this is a speedy rollout.

    I was worried my model of Roku being too old for BBC Sounds (and some other apps I'd have liked) that it may have finally be only on newer models like some Roku apps.

    Since Now boxes/sticks are basically rebadged Rokus I'd imagine the update has been rolled out in them too.

  • Roku have announced new devices and a new OS update.

    The Express 4K is a replacement for the Premiere. There is a "+" model in the US that comes with a Voice Remote, but that's not for the UK apparently.

    Remote Pro is as it sounds, a posh remote. It has rechargeable battery and two customisable button among its features.

    Soundbar Pro is a more capable version of the existing Soundbar, this time with virtual surround sound.



    Also new is OS 10.

    Features include Apple Airplay 2 support for a wider range of Roku devices. A quick look seems to show that models back to 2016 are going to be enabled with this feature. This will be only of interest to owners of older models as there was support for other models in the last OS update 9.4.

    Better WiFi detection if you have networks running both 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

    Instant Resume does what it sounds like. It requires the Apps to support it. The Roku Channel is the only one I noticed mentioned that is of interest to UK, but others may I don't know about.

    OS 10 will be available on all models still supported, so there should be some benefits for all, even if they don't get them all. E.g. There are models pre-2016 that will get OS 10 but they won't get the Airplay functionality.

    More features details here.…ocial&utm_medium=rokublog

    If this takes you to OS 7.2 rather than 10, edit the "en-gb" in the link address and change it to "en-us". I've added it as the latter, but just in case it referts.

  • Hopster kids app is now on TV 360 according to heavyside on Cable Forum.

    This is on the V6 boxes already.

    There is also a selection of Hopster content on the STV Player, for those that don't have access to the Hopster app as part of their VM sub tier.

  • My relatively ancient Roku Stick got OS 10 update yesterday. It may have come earlier but it's not been powered for at least a week.

    It looks the same at first glance, they usually do, but you sometimes expect something noticeable with major numbered releases.

    Details and link to OS 10 info can be found in an earlier post on mine further up this thread.


    In other matters...

    The STV Player app on Roku seems to have had a refresh. A rainbow stripe around the launch icon was the first indication there might be something. The interface seems to have changed for the worse. I say seems as it might be a glitch or something OS 10 related and maybe not intentional.

    Finding other streaming sources (e.g. Qello Concerts, EDGEsports and Freesports) shows differently and I think there's been a reduction in live streams as I have feeling something is missing from the last time I looked.

    The Categories and A-Z that are at the top on some platforms are now way at the bottom after scrolling a bit, which is stupid design if intentional. It is this part I hope is a glitch or temporary incompatibility with Roku OS 10.

    I loaded up a few more popular apps to see if they still run or had changes. UKTV Play crashed and rebooted my Roku device the first time I tried loading it, but it loaded successful the next time.

    Also whilst I was checking Official apps for Live Streaming for my information thread (here) I was surprised that I couldn't find any on the Roku version of All4, I swear I'd seen it. It is on the Mobile/Tablet version I tried so either there is a newer version of All4 for newer Rokus or they aren't supporting Live Channels on versions of All4 on platforms that usually have no TV Tuner.

    Could someone with a new Roku or NowTV device check if their All4 has Live TV please?

    I'll be looking for the availability of other FTA channels with Official Live streaming going forward but have listed the main ones on my thread. If you know of any platform differences for these, please say. I've only got a limited number of devices I can check check, and also older devices lose support or at least can have differences as time moves on, so any additional information would be useful.

  • Two BBC apps for TVs have had features added.

    BBC Sounds (TV App) now has a Podcasts section. The last addition was a Music section. When it the TV App launched it was Home/My Sounds/Search/Settings to my recollection.

    BBC iPlayer (TV App) now has restored a feature lost in the last big refresh. The have re-added a written description of the programme/episode. There's a little "Info" label underneath the progress bar with a "V" downward arrow symbol, which indicates that if you press the down arrow on your remote control it will show the description. Interestingly the description seems to stay on screen until you actively press a button to get rid of it. Up and down buttons on the remote do this, that I've tried, maybe other buttons have the same effect.

    Note: These changes have been found on the Virgin Media V6 box versions of the TV Apps, I don't know it the features have been rolled out to all VM households (I received the update early previously) or other TV App platforms.

  • Thanks for that Cheeky. Never understand when features are removed, this is always called a "upgrade".

    It certainly feels that way sometimes. :)

    The changes that coincided with the removal of the description feature did improve the user interface in my opinion.

    They either always wanted to bring it back and couldn't figure out which was the best design to implement it, or user feedback was taken onboard.

    Features don't always make it in later versions as the technology used is difficult/expensive to maintain, or is being phased out to make a more worthwhile change elsewhere that is incompatible. Some features just don't get used and they can tell from the user data. They have to weigh up many things to decide what to keep.

    As annoying as it can be to some that a feature is removed, they may be in the tiny minority as a user of it.

    Also, more features = clutter and clutter often makes things difficult to use.

    What's a good feature on a mobile/tablet version of the app isn't necessarily good on a TV remote.


    I checked, the iPlayer description feature has been restored to the Roku version of the TV App too.

    My Roku is too old for BBC Sounds so I can't check that.

    • Staff Notice

    Sky and Channel 4 agree on a deal to further integrate its programming including from All4 onto its platform.

    Meanwhile, Virgin Media is still struggling to get All4 onto its 360 boxes. What on Earth is going on?…nel-4-expand-partnership/


    Sky and Channel 4 have announced a renewed and expanded commercial partnership.

    The deal will see Channel 4 brands and content continue to be offered to Sky customers, while the broadcaster’s catch-up service All 4 will be further integrated into Sky’s existing and future TV products.

    This translates to more than 1,000 hours of All 4 exclusive shows being added to Sky’s on-demand catalogue, along with comprehensive catch up and box set offerings.

  • Sky and Channel 4 agree on a deal to further integrate its programming including from All4 onto its platform.

    Meanwhile, Virgin Media is still struggling to get All4 onto its 360 boxes. What on Earth is going on?…nel-4-expand-partnership/

    Well it depends on which party is doing the programming. I get the impression Channel 4's app team aren't ones for updating often. My Roku's All4 app has the new colour scheme for the App Tile Icon, but the old style interface/colourscheme and logo when you load it up. They did the same with the Android App up until they discontinued it on a particular device of mine. And the PS3 App rarely got updated even when it was a current generation console.

    To my mind it's Channel 4's responsibility to do most of the legwork, VM and/or the Liberty Global team responsible for the Horizon OS are there for tech support. It's not like Google or Apple write all the Apps on their Operating Systems, they provide support.

    It's possible Channel 4 aren't in any rush as the install numbers for TV 360 are still low.

    The good thing is that (it seems) Channel 4 are willing to deeply integrate to host platforms based of the Press Release. What that actually means in practice we'll (the public will) see.

    I have a feeling there is going to be a split in depth of integration in the market. National and Public Service Broadcasters will be willing to deeply integrate and large, internationally available providers (Netflix, Disney+ etc) will be reluctant, wanting to keep customers in their walled garden.

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    I have a feeling there is going to be a split in depth of integration in the market. National and Public Service Broadcasters will be willing to deeply integrate and large, internationally available providers (Netflix, Disney+ etc) will be reluctant, wanting to keep customers in their walled garden.

    You may be right, although I don’t understand the attitude of the streamers. Integration makes their content visible on the interface of the host platform, so that is more likely to result in viewers choosing to see the highlighted programmes on that streamer, surely.

    There is a bigger risk for the host site, in that viewers are tempted away from their own content.

    It’s not as if you can’t see the rest of the streamer content over which they have total control by accessing their home page from that same platform. There’s some weird logic going on there.

  • If you are in the streamer's app (their walled garden) you'll only see their content, not see anything else and so not be tempted away. If they all integrate the viewer will see everyone's content and will be a lot more likely to stray. If they see content from 8 sources they are 8x more likely to stray. If they stray often they may decide they aren't getting their money's worth and cancel their subscription.

    I know I only intend on subscribing to one service at a time, so integration is a waste of time for paid streaming services for me. There's no point for me subbing to multiple services simultaneously as this household doesn't have enough time for more than one. If we're going to get our money's worth from a sub it has to be one service at a time. I don't really use the integration at the moment except for Catch-up if my recordings fail to get the whole show.

    Our needs are different from those that have more people in their household or disposable income or a different attitude to money. I'm not saying others in a different situation wouldn't benefit.

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