Brexit's Going Really Well, Isn't It..?

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    Of course, the duplicity of the EU in forcing us to bring this about is lost on you.

    Don’t forget that little principle of justice - innocent until proven guilty.... Of course, we all know that isn’t the case in totalitarian states.

  • Of course, the duplicity of the EU in forcing us to bring this about is lost on you.

    The British government has already stated that it knows it is breaking the law. That is what is known in legal circles as "A confession."

    There has been no duplicity on the part of the EU. A Withdrawal Agreement (note the use of the word "Agreement" which is defined in legal terms as: A meeting of minds with the understanding and acceptance of reciprocal legal rights and duties as to particular actions or obligations, which the parties intend to exchange; a mutual assent to do) that constitutes a legal and binding contract was signed between the two countries to that effect.

    The EU didn't force Boris Johnson to sign the agreement. He did so willingly and with the blessing of Parliament. Indeed, he called it "A fantastic moment". Not exactly what a man who had been coerced into anything would say, eh..?

    Actually, what he said in full was:

    "The signing is a fantastic moment, which finally delivers the result of the 2016 referendum and brings to an end far too many years of argument and division."

    So, it is quite clear he was happy about it. No coercion was involved. And how he intends to unlawfully renege on it.

    And then he went on to talk about "Oven ready deals". And we all know how that's turning out, eh..?

    Nobody outside the inner coterie of Downing Street and the Conservative Party hierarchy can know what was in Boris Johnson's head when he signed the deal, but we can have our suspicions.

    Mine is that Johnson only ever saw the Withdrawal Agreement as a means of finally getting Brexit through Parliament. Up to that moment the Remain campaign had Parliament by the balls and it was becoming increasingly obvious that Brexit was not going to happen without a Withdrawal Agreement of some kind. A second referendum was becoming more likely by the day as the only means of breaking the deadlock.

    In short, the withdrawal agreement was nothing more than an expedient measure that he had no intention of honouring from the very start.

    But that's just my opinion. That can't be taken into court. What can - and will - be taken into court is the document with Boris Johnson's signature on it and I think that'll be accepted as pretty damning evidence. As you say, innocent until proven guilty. Well, the proof will be there for all to see.

    And my opinion for Boris Johnson's motives aren't necessary. All that is required to prove the charge is evidence of the fact.

    And in addition to the overwhelming documentary evidence available, plenty of evidence of intent and premeditation has come from the man himself's mouth. On record. On camera. All in the public domain.

    Like I said. A confession.

  • I must try extra hard to be brief. Not least because jennydotty has established a correlation between sheer number of words and sheer bilge.

    The UK government would have honoured the withdrawal agreement if the EU has entered the subsequent trade negotiations contructively. It's a legal dispute, not an issue of criminality and it simply doesn't warrant being analysed to death. The EU have been using the UK's demanded alteration to the agreement as political leverage, blathering on about distrust and lack of integrity. This excites the jennydotties of this world but not those deservedly higher up the pyramid of power + reality + IQ.

    The EU doesn't have to worry about below- or suspicious-standard US "produced" chicken coming in via a free-trading backdoor of UK-to-EU. All the EU has to do is reject it the stuff at customs and, as a deterrent, strengthen customs inspections for agricultural produce from UK to EU. And by strengthen I don't mean expensive manpower but just a couple of guys slowing to a crawl the UK export attempts to use freetrade to dump below-standard products into the EU. These are simple rules with simple retaliations when defied; no need to make it complicated.

    I think the reason why the UK government choose not to bother giving a more thoughtful explanation to justify the required/intended deviation on the withdrawal agreement (and aload of other things) is because the media won't listen and the public at large have an increasing number of jennydotties who only listen to their own manic meanderings. It's not that the government despises its voters, just the futility of trying to win favour by explaining the realities. The sad result being that some fairly untalented or unprincipled people want to become MPs. We might just as well hand over the running of the UK to an advertising agency.

  • Awwwwwwww... how sad.... you're upset at me. I'm so tearful in the knowledge that i've challenged .your attention span to such a degree with the length of my posts. I will try to be more gentle with your fragile sensitivities in future and keep posts to a length that you can deal with.

    And it's sooooooooo gauche to make word plays with screen names. I hope I would never resort to calling you Casawanker... ooops, I just did. Naughty me.

    But it's all a matter of opinion isn't it..? I can't claim to know what is going on in the turgid minds of government ministers when they dream up their latest train wreck of a policy and frankly, I wouldn't want to. But I do know how I see situations as they develop.

    I don't believe the Johnson government ever had any intention of pursuing an honourable trading arrangement with the EU. I believe they have wanted no-deal all along and have done everything they can to ensure that it happens while pursuing faux negotiations so they can make allegations of European bad faith at the point of inevitable failure... that is, now.

    And of course, the Tossablanca (ooops, I'm doing it again. Naughty Jenny. Bad Jenny.) types of this world swallow it with enthusiasm because it plays into their prejudices. And prejudice is one of the main, underpinning planks of Brexit.

    No matter. We are approaching endgame in this whole sad and sorry saga. There are only 71 days left in this dreadful year (I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a dreadful year) and when 31 December passes it will be too late to do anything about it. All we can do then is watch events unfold as they will.

    We await the new year with interest. Trepidation too, but also interest.

    Keep smiling Cassie. I know you love me really. Mwah xxx

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    An important fact that you are missing, Jenny, was that a free trade deal was part of the understanding when we signed the Withdrawal Agreement. If we do get what was promised, there will be no need for the Bill.

    As I said, it is the EU that has been duplicitous.

  • Hi Jenny

    Please take 10 minutes of your time to watch this video. It will be a diverse source of information for you and it might keep you better informed than that echo chamber you live in. The theme of this video is disunity in the EU parliament today. They are not on the same page to put it mildly.

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    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • Ahhhhh, Mahyar Tousi, aka Guido Fawkes.

    is that the best you can do..? Oh, for goodness sake, come up with something better than that, puh-lease. I did give it ten minutes of my time. I think you owe me those ten minutes of my life back.

    He is so discredited that even Wikipedia won't give him a page in their political section. He's nothing more than a propagandist with the sort of smarmy face a lot of people would cheerfully punch.

    His response to their snub..? A youtube video demanding that Wikipedia be "defunded"....... er.... Wikipedia is funded by contributions and donations from people who read its content. It doesn't receive any public money. It doesn't even receive money from advertising. It's editors and entry checkers are volunteers (although its cash donations are now such that they can consider paying people).

    How do you "defund" that...?

    Guido Fawkes has to be the most laughed at video blogger in the country.

    He can't be taken seriously, nor can anything he outputs.

    Nice try, Armi, but no cigar this time.

  • An important fact that you are missing, Jenny, was that a free trade deal was part of the understanding when we signed the Withdrawal Agreement. If we do get what was promised, there will be no need for the Bill.

    As I said, it is the EU that has been duplicitous.

    And where does it say that in the contract..? What was promised in the WA by the EU is still on the table. It's never been withdrawn or amended. It is Britain that is reneging on a key part of the written, agreed and signed contract. Britain is the one breaking the law here.

    It seems strange that a devout slave to Brexit like yourself should be demanding something that is only hearsay, has never been officially confirmed by the other party, and was never written into the contract, as being a firm and binding commitment.

    I seem to remember comments by Brexiters not so long ago, when the Brexit referendum was being challenged, that the ballot paper didn't include any conditions which would allow for a second referendum.... that all it said was to leave the EU. (eg: the contract is inviolable and must be obeyed as written).

    But the referendum was not a binding and legal contract. It was an ADVISORY vote, one that a certain N Farage stated would not be over by a long chalk if there was a certain result that he didn't like. But after winning, all of a sudden, that very margin (only in his favour) became holy writ to be obeyed at all costs. What did you all call it...? "The will of the people" or something like that..?

    All of a sudden, something that wasn't in the ballot paper (eg: the contract) was an indispensable "must do at all costs".

    And you call the EU duplicitous...? Wow, you've got some brass neck.

  • "It Was A Wasted 23 Minutes Of My Life" Business Leaders Slam Pointless Call With Johnson and Gove

    This from the Prime Minister who says he supports business and is determined to get the country "Back up and running again".

    All he and Gove could devote to 250 leaders of businesses who are desperately trying to get some sort of clarity about what the hell is going on, was 23 minutes....... and Johnson walked away after 10 leaving Gove to ramble on without him.

    A telephone conference that was supposed to last an hour lasted only 23 minutes. No answers were given about anything and the businesses knew no more after the call than they did before it.

    As I've said elsewhere..... Brexit is unravelling before our very eyes. The government has no answers. It has no real strategy. It is incompetent and useless.

  • Oh Jenny, that lefty playbook tactic of playing the man not the ball simply doesn’t work in this instance and well you know it. Apart from the glaring fact that Mahyar Tousi isn't Guido Fawkes, but lets not let the facts get in the way of a good smear eh Jenny.

    Doing the filthy smear merchant job on a guy who is presenting video clips of the proceedings of the EU parliament is ineffective because it wouldn’t matter who compiled the footage it would still show the same thing.

    I do congratulate you for getting with the latest far left trend of pre-emptive debunking that is spreading from across the pond at the moment but sadly for you it won’t work.

    I notice that whilst you were very verbose in discrediting the presenter, you didn’t say a word about the content which was actual EU parliament proceedings and newspaper cuttings. You can’t debunk these can you so you try to smear the messenger.

    A poor effort Jenny you are just a useful idiot.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

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  • Of course Brexit is going well. Despite the doom mongers predicting the "end of the world; plagues of locusts; fire and brimstone ; massive comets hitting the UK ETC ETC, none of those have happened. ................It's just the "UK hating" remoaners who are flinging their toys out of their prams, ranting and raving, because they got it all wrong in the first place

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    Just read the Breaking News a few minutes ago.. "'EU nations queuing up to QUIT Brussels bloc!' Finnish MEP predicts Netherlands next to go.". Great news, the failed EU experiment is crumbling all around Merkel and Macron..

    Jenny will be devastated when she realises that we are leading the way in leaving the EU. Germany and France won’t be able to call the shots for much longer!

  • Reaction As Britons Look Likely To Be Barred From Using E Gates

    In yet another Brexit winner, it is looking increasingly likely that the EU will not allow Britons to fast track through passport controls by using the E Gates at ports, airports and Eurostar terminals after 1 January.

    Now..... for the benefit of those who called warnings of this happening as far back as 2016, "Project Fear", it works like this.

    If you are a citizen of an EU member country, you have the privilege of freedom of movement within other EU member states. You are therefore entitled, by virtue of your membership, to use the fast track system.

    If you are NOT a citizen of an EU member country, that privilege is not afforded to you unless your government has negotiated a special arrangement (colloquially known as: "a deal"). It is becoming increasingly likely that no such "deal" is forthcoming, therefore, once the transition period ends on 31 December, Britons will no longer be allowed freedom of movement and the privilege of using the E Gates will be withdrawn.

    This is not the EU being nasty, it is a natural, reasonable and logical consequence of leaving the EU.

    We shall see if this transpires. But if it does, then no howls of outrage please.

    You'll only be getting what you voted for.

  • I’m surprised that this has just dawned on you, Jenny.

    We did vote to get out of the EU and to say goodbye to ‘freedom of movement’.

    You are old and poor. You could not travel anyways and you rob your own youth freedom as well.

  • Not worthy of comment. This was obvious and known and importantly works both ways.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • Not worthy of comment. This was obvious and known and importantly works both ways.

    You become North Korea :D you want lock your people in and all others out.

    Its ridicolous.


    Only good thing is, that this is ionly temporary until the young take over.

  • I sure when the EU hokey-cokey is all done and dusted we will all look back with an air of what was all the fuss about and find it very amusing, I have to admit I already am. :D

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

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