The Brexit Dream Is Dying

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  • How Ireland Turned The Tables On UK

    A very clear and well thought out analysis of how events have taken shape since the 2016 referendum.


    The Brexit dream is dying because that is the stark choice. You can’t have full freedom and close trade ties, but one or the other. It is dying because the EU currently looks more likely to hold together than the UK, because the Prime Minister’s promise of frictionless trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland can’t be squared with the treaty he signed, and because you cannot reach a trade deal with the US if you threaten a bipartisan consensus on the NI peace process.

    This has been where the Brexit politicians have fallen down. The phrase "Cake and eat it" has never been far away from their charade of a promised land where Britain can simply wave the union flag and the world will drop to its knees and bow its head. The world just doesn't work like that any more. The only way to be a part of the world is to play by the rules of the world. There is no place for a maverick country such as the one that Brexit wants Britain to be, and is chasing a dream (or nightmare according to point of view) that is just unattainable.

    2nd snip

    Yet point out, as I did on social media, that the dream is dying, and you can expect to hear otherwise from the high priests of Brexit. They’ll say the UK regains freedom at the end of the year, and indeed we will no longer be directly subject to EU regulations and European Court of Justice rulings. But if we want agreements with others, that freedom can only ever be partial, because cooperation comes at a regulatory price. The UK faces a series of never-ending trade-offs, despite the 2016 promise that we would “take back control.”

    Again, it's "cake and eat it". To hear Brexiters talking about "All we're asking for is a deal like Canada has" is the talk of a forked-tongue because that is not what Britain wants. Canada has responsibilities and doesn't get all that Brexit demands. Britain wants to give nothing at all but take everything it can get and more besides (hence Canada+). Do they really think the EU is so stupid as to be unable to see the duplicity in British negotiations..? Or that they can trust Boris Johnson with his track record for lying, breaking promises and dirty double dealing...? And again, I can't re-iterate the point enough: Britain wants to have everything without giving anything in return. That is just not realistic.

    Final snip:

    Doubtless the online response would be even more vitriolic if one was to suggest the Brexit dream was dying because of Leavers’ own hubris. But if we think back to the naïve pre-referendum days, many Brexit advocates appeared perfectly happy to accept gradual changes and continued UK membership of the single market. They will state now that it was the EU’s intransigence that forced their increasingly hardline position, but that’s to cover up the failure to anticipate that Brussels would have its own terms and conditions—that we couldn’t just have what we wanted.

    And then the article moves on to compare Britain's (non) diplomatic efforts with that of Ireland's. The Irish have played a blinder. In USA they have got both Republicans and Democrats on their side. Britain has the support of neither. The Irish have managed to juggle trying to keep on good terms with Britain while at the same time reassuring EU member states that they remain committed to the European ideal. This is how diplomacy is meant to work. Britain's performance by comparison has been a multi train rail disaster.

    The whole article, taken in its entirety is a cogent, well thought out, accurate piece of writing which, if only the Brexiters could look past their own hubris, would begin to open their eyes to the mess they have made of the whole thing, and why the Brexit dream as they envisaged it, is as good as dead in the water. It cannot be attained.

    Where Britain goes after 1 January 2021 is anybody's guess. Downwards is certain. The only question is "How far...?"

    The dream is dying even if the dreamers haven't realised it yet.

    Old Boy said: "Britain will have a trade deal with USA by the end of this year".

  • Another tiresome Euro-centric post from you, Jenny. Nothing is falling apart - we haven’t even begun yet. If the EU is as good as you suggest, why does it not let its members leave? It’s like a monolithic version of Hotel California.

    You are raking over the same old coals and you’ve created another thread to tell us nothing new from your book of dystopia and ultimate doom.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not going over the same old arguments yet again. I will say only that I profoundly disagree with your attitude towards Brexit and I look forward to the day when you are proved wrong. But of course you will never acknowledge that, you will just move smoothly on to your next hobby horse.

    I want a better future for my children and grandchildren and I know that staying within the EU would have ultimately led to stagnation over the coming decades. The new opportunities that lie before us will transform our economy and we will find again that sense of optimism and can-do attitude that made us great in the first place.

    I will not continue to debate the irrational fears of remainers and Euro-worshippers who believe the the EU is our great Apollo who can do no wrong and on whom we must all rely for our right to live free of persecution (from them, of course).

    Sorry, but I’m out.

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  • You're backing off because you know I'm right.

    Nothing in any post I've ever made has been debunked. All of it is true both factually and morally.

    Of course, I could throw the same slavish rhetoric right back at you. eg: I will not continue to debate the irrational fears of Brexiters and fascists who believe that Boris Johnson is a political colossus who can do no wrong and on whom we must all rely for our right to live free of persecution (from the EU, of course).

    Frankly, that's all you've got. Your messages have never been enlightening, challenging or backed up by any evidence other than the word of your discredited little tin god. And his word has no value for anything.

    You have bent the knee to a fraud, coward, liar and charlatan and I don't really believe you care about your grandchildren at all. I don't know their ages, but I'm hoping that by the time they are of voting age they will be free of your deleterious belief in extreme right wing doctrines, and are living in an environment (a university campus, perhaps..?) which will enable them to discuss freely with their contemporaries and make the sensible decision to reject your inhumane attitudes that see people as nothing more than factory fodder, whose only worth is the amount of profitable labour that can be extracted from them before discarding them as no longer economically viable.

    The Brexit dream is falling apart as we watch and yet you cling to it as a brainwashed cultist clings to its guru. i can believe that you'd take the Kool Aid if told to by Boris Johnson.

    But you're not going to reply to this anyway and that's alright by me. Skulk away into a corner, looking at the wall with your fingers in your ears as you hum to yourself and carry on pretending that everything is wonderful. i-see-nothing.jpg

    Anyway...... Thanks for all the motivation you have provided me with to keep going, and for all the material you've given me to pass on to others as ammunition against the pernicious doctrine of Brexit.

    Best wishes and good luck.

    Old Boy said: "Britain will have a trade deal with USA by the end of this year".

  • Another fluff opinion piece from Jenny

    The short bio of the author of the article referred to in the OP below:

    David Henig - Director of The European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) is an independent and non-profit policy research think tank dedicated to trade policy and other international economic policy issues of importance to Europe. It is based in Brussels and was founded in 2006.

    Obviously he is entitled to his opinion but the UK just wants to Trade on terms that are mutually beneficial and friendly. A trade deal allows a reduction of bureaucracy for both parties and some friendly benefits and concessions. If the EU don't want that it will be WTO and we keep the fishing rights. This is the "at any price" bit the EU refer to. They would rather let the French Fishing industry go down the tubes than allow a trade deal based on access to UK waters. They want the access as a pre-requisite to any trade deal, it is their red line, it is ours that that won't happen. Something has to give.

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  • The French and the Spanish will still have access to the Southern Ireland's fishing waters as Southern Ireland is still in the EU for now.. . No need for them to impinge on the UK's waters.

    The Voice of Reason

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