In The Meantime, While We're All Looking At The US Election...........

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  • ...............Things have been ticking along here in UK and in particular in Parliament.

    It can't be nice being Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson right now. I wouldn't want to be him at any time, but while we've all been looking at events across the big pond, one or two things have been slipping through the net, hardly reported on in our news.

    Rather than give the impression that I'm licking my lips at the thought of a second wonderful event in the world of politics, vis-a-vis the demise of Boris Johnson (actually, I am), I'll just link to the article which says it all in words far better than I can convey.

    Endgame For Boris Johnson Could Be Closer Than We Think

    And of course, the inevitable snips.......

    The issue here is not the vote itself, but the level of anger across the Conservative Party, both from those who supported another lockdown and those who opposed it. The firewall around the government is breaking down. But it is also personal. This is no longer just a question of policy, but of the prime minister..................


    This is not just about civil liberties but economics. Ominously, a number of “red-wall” MPs in the north feel exposed by the extension of the national furlough scheme subsidising 80 percent of wages, when a few weeks ago their areas were offered just 67 percent. Many also feel uncomfortable about the government’s stance on free school meals and the public-relations disaster which followed it. These MPs owe their jobs to Johnson. On Wednesday a number of them rebelled.

    Worse still for Johnson is the pressure placed on him by Keir Starmer. In calling for the circuit-breaker the Labour leader comprehensively outmanoeuvred him. Johnson’s belated measures validate all of Starmer’s attack lines and expose the difference in both policy and competence. Johnson’s only attack line before was “Captain Hindsight,” and now even that is redundant. Meanwhile the public is taking notice. One recent poll placed Labour five points ahead...........................

    ......................It is perhaps auspicious that the US presidency seems to be tilting towards Joe Biden. The government’s direct emulation of Donald Trump’s politics and style may have served it well so far, but an America inching away from nationalist demagoguery will leave Johnson even more exposed than he already was. This enthusiastic Trump supporter will not find it easy to cement a “special relationship” with the likely successor, who has expressed opposition to Brexit and open disdain for the PM’s cavalier approach to Northern Ireland. One of Johnson’s only international cards was his close relationship to the US presidency and the prospect of a new trade deal. Both now look more distant than ever.

    The Conservatives’ 1922 Committee requires 55 letters from MPs in order to trigger a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. Nobody suggests that this will happen imminently. But it may happen sooner than many would ever have imagined. Politics is ruthless and appearances matter. Johnson has never looked less happy or confident in the role. He is exclusively reacting to events rather than driving them. He appears to have run out of ideas both on handling the pandemic and governing beyond it. What ten months ago was unthinkable now looks increasingly likely: if he does not jump, he will be pushed. The only question is when.

    How exposed is Boris Johnson to events..? Very. He is not in control of anything and seems to have no idea how to cope with the multitude of national crises gathering in front of him.

    The scales are starting - just starting - to fall off the British public's eyes. If something doesn't change for Boris Johnson soon - and there is no indication that anything is going to - then if Johnson thinks 2020 has been a bad year, he shouldn't be looking forward to 2021.

  • Can I correct you on one thing, not all of us are looking at the US, I honestly dont give a monkeys who the president of the US is and I am doing my best to avoid hearing seeing or whatever about it so please don't lump me in with the collective "we", thanks. :rolleyes:

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

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