What Movie Did You Watch Last Night...?

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  • I thought I'd get off the politics shtick for a while and do something a little different for a change.

    We like to make Thursday "Movie Night" at Chez Jen. Once we get the mini-tsunami tucked down for the night, we pick a flim, snug up on the sofa with the big box of maltesers between us and enjoy a film. Sometimes a comedy or a musical.... sometimes an action film. sometimes a classic. Sometimes something deep and meaningful. No, we don't do porn, although some films can have a kinda raunchy element to them. That's cool.

    So... the title of the thread says what it says....... "What movie did you watch last night..?"

  • We got all deep and meaningful last night.

    Never Let Me Go (2010). Carey Mulligan, Kiera Knightly and Andrew Garfield.

    Based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel about an alternative Britain where children are cloned, reared in special schools to adulthood and then used for organ harvesting to supply the transplants industry.

    The three friends know their fate and accept it. It is a very touching story which examines how they reconcile themselves to the knowledge of what will be done to them.... their relationship with each other and the hopelessness of their situation.

    It depicts how society treats these people. Because they're cloned, they're treated as freaks... not natural. Mostly shunned or at best, barely tolerated, they struggle to integrate into a society that sees them only as a commercial commodity.

    On a deeper level, it makes the viewer ponder on how our world would be if there were no medical ethics to prevent such things happening.

    This is a serious movie. It's not there to make you laugh, or gasp at the action. It doesn't uplift you in any way. It's serious, bleak and sorrowful. But it came from a book that needed to be written. If you value human life at all, it's a movie you need to see.

    And if you don't value human life, then it's a movie that you need to see all the more.

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    I managed to watch half of 'The Invisible Man' last night before we had to retire to bed as it was getting late. It is even better than expected, and keeps you guessing. It focusses on an abused woman who escapes from a controlling husband. After she escapes, he kills himself apparently, but she gets the distinct feeling that he is still trying to manipulate her.

    Well worth seeing!

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  • There was nothing on the TV last night I was interested in at all , so I had a look on Netflix steeled down with a glass or two of Red and watched Munich The Edge of War starring Jeremey Irons as Neville Chamberlin trying to negotiate with Hitler to prevent another war with Germany

    I really enjoyed its twists and turns

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