The Rejoiner's Rallying Cry

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  • This is a copy and paste from a pamphlet now being circulated from today. We have our target demographic and bit by bit we're getting organised. There might even be a bit of funding on the way. That'll come in handy. We're working on creating links with Volt Party and other budding rejoin groups. It'll take time, but we've chosen today because of its symbolic importance in the struggle to rejoin.

    Brexiters think they've won a final victory. They haven't. We're only just starting.

    Britain is out of the European Union. No more Article 50. No more transition. For all intents and purposes, January 1, 2021, is the first true day of Brexit.

    It's remarkable that after nearly half a decade we still burn with shame and indignation at what is happening to this country. But let's face it, if those feelings haven't gone yet, they're never going to. We must use them to repair the damage. This is a moment of profound loss. But it is also the start of the liberal resurgence.

    For that we need something profound: an open, plural vision of Britain. A story about the kind of country we want to be again.

    We were told during the referendum that diversity had been pushed too far. Too many people in too many areas had grown uncomfortable with the changing face of their community. An out-of-touch metropolitan elite, who did not really love or understand their country, now faced a backlash from 'the people'.

    It was a successful electoral strategy which managed to weaponise free movement to deliver the Leave vote. But it contained a false dichotomy. In truth, the diversity which characterises this country is not a challenge to patriotism. It is a product of it.

    It is not a coincidence that these islands, based on a union of nations, which have diversity baked into their identity, should be a natural home to so many different kinds of people. Of course, the Conservative Party was always composed of divisive bullies. The right-wing tabloid press helped foster intolerance. But underneath that, there always existed the belief that Britain would treat people fairly. And those who were treated fairly would want to contribute - economically, socially and culturally.

    Diversity was not a subtraction of Britishness, but an addition to it. It was a demonstration of Britain's confidence - a big-hearted, open-minded view of who we were.

    That vision of the country was discarded as soon as the Brexit referendum campaign started. Something snarling and ugly crawled out from underneath the filthiest of stones. A hatred of immigration. A desire to recoil from the world, to reject international cooperation and retreat into infantile dreams of absolute sovereignty. A yearning for easy answers. And, most of all, an appeal to nostalgia and faded glories - a mad scramble away from the present and a peaceful, harmonious future where Britain - and Britons - were welcomed with open arms wherever we went.

    Suddenly the very worst people in politics were in control: the most cynical, the most prejudiced, the most foolish. Nigel Farage. The ERG. Theresa May. And worst of all, a despicable liar named Boris Johnson. A man with no decency or honour. The list goes on and on. Jacob Rees-Mogg, Mark Francoise, Peter Bone, Michael Gove, Priti Patel. Disgraceful human beings not worthy of the high office they hold, but somehow, by the lowest of means, do.

    The leaders who came before Brexit were failures in all sorts of respects, but the ones who have come since are many times worse. They exploited Britons dreams of the past to sabotage our future.

    Mercifully, there is now a forum in which we can start to repair the damage. With enjoyable irony, it has been provided by Boris Johnson himself. His deal with the EU is extremely poor. But it accomplishes one central thing: it creates a framework for cooperation, through a Joint Partnership Council composed of various technical committees.

    Number 10 insists that it allows divergence with Europe. That's true. They'll try to push it as far as they can in the next couple of years. But the long-term headwinds blow in the opposite direction, for structural, economic and political reasons.

    Attempts to diverge on environmental, labour or state aid provisions results in tariffs, or even the loss of the entire agreement. Businesses will lobby hard for UK regulations to match Europe's so that export costs are kept down. The terms of the deal are so harsh that successive governments will naturally try to improve them by integrating further. It's a long, slow road. But the ground is secured for an eventual return to Europe, if we have the stamina for it.

    Our opponents, for all their faults, taught us a valuable lesson in that respect. They taught us the principle of staying power. A tiny group of misfits and bores kept the torch of euroscepticism alive for decades. Now they run the place.

    We should take a page from their book. That means ignoring the siren voices - the Brexiters who tell us we've lost and will never be pertinent again, the chin-stroking political commentators who twist with the wind and act like we're irrelevant. We have to be in it for the long haul. Never quit. Never give in. Never stop.

    We have to keep in our minds that better vision of what Britain is: open, fair, diverse, moderate and engaged with the world. We have to fight for it. There's no point getting downcast or self-pitying. We have to defend our convictions, no matter how bad things look.

    We are now the barbarians at the gate. We are the challenge to the status quo. If we fight long and hard and smart, this country will eventually return to a better path. It'll be a diverse, open place we can be proud of again.

    Return. Reclaim. Rejoin.

  • This particular horse aint dead yet.

    Comments like yours add to the motivation that will keep us going.

    We lost a referendum because we took the opposition too lightly.

    It's a mistake you only make once......... but its one that you're going to make too. So... you keep on taunting and jeering and telling us that we have no chance. Your complacency and arrogance will be our advantage next time.

    And there will be a next time.

  • The referendum was lost due to Cameron and co just thinking the result was a forgone conclusion in favour of staying in EU, he only offered the referendum as a way to take the wind out of UKIPs sails he didn't expect the result to go in the favour of leaving it was a way for him to buy votes and showed how out of touch with the electorate he was, the simple thing is a lesson for politicians to learn if you dont want the wrong answer to a question from the voters dont ask them the question in the first place.

    Here's a thing if the vote had gone the other way I would have accepted the result and said no more, but the fact remains it went the other way so I accepted that result, which is more than can be said for the likes of you.

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    You must be joking, Jenny! Remainers have been jostling intensely and hysterically ever since the vote went against them. That’s why they were given the name ‘remoaners’. It has been incessant, but it looks as though you have not made an awful lot of headway, despite that.

    You’ll make even less headway once the benefits of Brexit (which none of you claim to be able to see) start to come through.

    You can shout and rant as much as you want, but a growing number of people are fed up with all this now.

    If it all goes badly wrong, we’ll start listening. Until then, nobody really is paying attention to these prophets of doom anymore.

  • It's a lost cause. Maybe in a couple of hundred years if the human race still exists. Or we can just enter a new 100 year war now. It would be fun if allowed to use arms otherwise it's going to get boring really fast with just a bunch of gobs gobbing off at each other.

  • I see the remoaners pathetic rantings against the UK will continue to give normal intelligent people a laugh during the knockdown. BUT should we laugh at the poor afflicted? . Better just to ignore their twisted mindsets.

  • Rejoiners :D ........... An absolute lost cause if ever I heard one.. The EU won't be here in ten years. It will have fragmented back into Individual Countries with their own currencies and laws. The EU experiment has failed..

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    Well, the Labour Party has ruled out re-joining the EU, so I don't know where your support is coming from. And given the parlous state of their finances and the structure of the EU, it will be a crumbling mess before long before it implodes altogether.

    The EU model is unworkable, and frankly it's surprising it has lasted this long. With Britain's departure as a net contributor and a voice of reason, coupled with the coronavirus problems and subsequent strain on economies, the end is now in sight.

    We departed just in time.

  • Yes, well Remainers have said a lot of things that have not transpired.

    But the vast, overwhelming majority have.

    I've been posting them on this site for many months now so please don't challenge me to list them. Only recently you were ordering me to stop posting any comments that refer to Brexit failure. Why would you do that if the things I said weren't true...?

    And of course, all those Brexit promises have come true 100%. Of course they have. Not.

  • Getting back to the subject matter of the thread, which is the inevitable event of Britain rejoining the EU......

    We all know that Starmer's comments about not rejoining are his way of preventing the Brexit press from using it as a stick to beat him with. He's completely disarmed their line of attack in one clever move. He's still a European inside, and he's still one of us. Perhaps he's just learning to play the tories at their own game.

    It's good to see MEP's sending out a message to rejoiners that gives us heart, and casts doubt on those who suggest the EU would never have Britain back.

    Europe Will Appeal To Future UK Governments To Rejoin The EU

    They're keeping the light on for us. They know the tide will turn one day.


    Vote Green. You know it makes sense.

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    But the vast, overwhelming majority have.

    I've been posting them on this site for many months now so please don't challenge me to list them. Only recently you were ordering me to stop posting any comments that refer to Brexit failure. Why would you do that if the things I said weren't true...?

    And of course, all those Brexit promises have come true 100%. Of course they have. Not.

    I ‘ordered’ you?!!

    I certainly did not. Go back and read it again.

    But it is true that you need to get a life. Those rants of yours smack of desperation. I simply argued that we needed sensible discussions on this forum, not monotonous angry ranting.

    Of course Brexit promises haven’t come to fruition, we only left the EU a couple of weeks ago! We’re still living through that short period of transition disruption that we have been warned about, but that should resolve itself in a few more weeks.

    The Brexit vision is all about increasing trade with the world and forging new relationships. That doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t change the fact that all the predictions of doom made by the remainers up until now have failed to come to pass.

  • Brexit ------It's very easy to understand.. Do you get off the Titanic when it hits the iceberg -OR- do you wait till the last minute and go down with the ship. We in the UK are lucky, our democracy ensured we would exit the sinking ship. Many other democratic countries will soon follow suit.

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