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  • The children are not to blame for their predicament.

    I'm not blaming the children, but there are some irresponsible parents out there when it comes to money and I've actually seen how they behave and not just read about or heard about it in the news and on TV.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

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  • Even better Ron, how about we have some decent journalism for once.

    If the parents do not have enough money for their children's food, then why not? Presumably they get child benefit on top of other benefits, but perhaps they don't. I don't know, do you?

    We need to know these things first, before passing judgment.

    I have no experience of the benefits system, but it appears to me that the biggest problem is Universal Credit. It's a mess, the payments are inadequate and it has wrecked the lives of so many.

    Now, let's get something clear.... and this is a message I get from the mums at the school gate who I talk with when I go to pick my daughter up from school....... they don't want to be living off state handouts. Despite what the hard right tell you, these people are not career scroungers. Most of them used to work themselves but for a number of reasons, no longer do. Many have husbands or partners who can't find employment gainful enough to cover the costs of living and please don't talk about "better budgeting". Landlords don't drop their rent if you give them a hard luck story. Mortgage lenders won't lop 1 or 2 percent off the interest rate. The price of food in the shops isn't going to go down. Quite the opposite when the costs that businesses are incurring since 1 January start to get passed on to the customer.

    The ones I have spoken with have exhausted all the ways in which they can prune their household costs and still ends don't meet.

    And already, we are hearing of fishermen who are on the brink of losing their livelihoods and we all know the reasons for that..!! The government, by its actions is destroying livelihoods. What are fishermen going to do when their business, which in many cases has been in their families for umpteen generations, has gone to the wall because of Brexit..? If they have to sell their boat what then..? For a start, who will buy it..? And would they get anything like what it's worth..? And when it's gone, it's gone. They can never go back to fishing again. And they've been fishermen all their lives. Most of them started when they were adolescents, going out to sea with their fathers before they took over the family business.

    When they had their children back in 2014, or 2015, how could they have seen the shitstorm that was coming..? They were ordinary couples who wanted to start a family. What's so wrong with that..?

    And yet now, their lives are in ruins and why...? Because they believed the lies of a gang of career criminals who have exploited them and are now telling them that their children must go hungry and it's their own fault for having them.

    I was fortunate when I started my family. The redundancy money I received from the FSS paid for my IVF treatment, we had savings and my wife is in a good career. I was able to take time off to be a full time mum. I went back to work last January, starting all over again in a brand new career because my former one doesn't exist any more in the way that I trained for it, or knew it. And there are no longer any opportunities in my profession in Cornwall any more anyway. I had to diversify - and it makes me chuckle to think that the hard right on here would have apoplectic fits if they knew what I'm doing now. ^^^^^^ .

    The point I'm making here is that we have survived and even thrived and two graduate incomes in a small family is a very fortunate place to be. But we do realise that we are the fortunate ones. The families we mingle with at the school gates are real people too. They're not what they are portrayed as. I don't know a single one of them that hangs out in a crack den or has a house overflowing with top of the range consumer goods. Most I know of have had to sell a lot of the things they had to make a bit of cash to pay for this or that. And they don't get a very good price either. Certainly not what their goods are worth, but that's business eh..? And the likes of Bibbles would be entirely on the side of the buyer.

    The hard right stereotypes people despicably. Nobody chooses to be poor. Nobody enjoys not having enough to make ends meet. And for another thing, there is one thing that poverty does breed..... crime.

    The children of today who are going hungry will remember what has been done to them in their childhood. They will remember the hunger and the callous, cold hearted brutality of the state that did nothing to help. Nobody forgets being hungry. The resentment that could breed in the hearts of some of these kids could fester and turn them away from the path of being good citizens in the future.

    The actions of this government today, could be breeding the criminals of tomorrow. What - they might say - do I owe this country..? It abandoned me when I was a kid. What do I owe it now..? They may say "My dad had a business. I should be a fisherman now, but he had to sell up and it broke his heart. He had nothing to pass on to his son and I hate them with a passion for that. "

    Anger is starting to simmer beneath the surface in Cornwall. I can't speak for anywhere else in the country, but it's certainly starting to heat up here. Livelihoods are being lost and now the government responsible for that is refusing to accept any obligation to the people it has so badly exploited and now dumped.

    And the worst thing of all, is that the same government that has destroyed their livelihoods, is neglecting their children.

    There will be a reckoning for that. And it's coming. I don't know when, but it is.

  • that those people were once in better circumstances and bought their car then..!!

    It's worse than that. We live in a modern day society where we are forced to own a vehicle and mobile phone. Without it you could go hungry and by owning it you may go hungry. It's catch 22 to keep those in poverty in poverty and to make it a struggle to get out the hole.The rich make money from poverty as we are seeing with this food package scandal. Owning a vehicle is sometimes cheaper than public transport and if you live a distance away from the school, supermarket and other requirements in life, well what does one do. I bet they need that mobile phone to be able to claim their benefits and apply for jobs too. That could be their only means of online access for all kinds of things that have moved online in the modern corporate capitalist shite world. It's still going to be cheaper than BT line rental and internet if not overused and with PAYG one can pay as and when they have the funds and not be stuck in a contract ripping them off.


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  • The primary function of any parent or guardian is to ensure that their children is fed and cared for.. This is their responsibility alone. If they are unemployed they already receive money to cover those needs from the hard pressed taxpayer. It is not the taxpayer's responsibility to top up that money because the parent or guardian is neglecting their responsibilities. To a responsible parent, children's welfare should come before mobile phones, large TV sets, Sky subscription, cigarettes or booze. If any parent does not put their child's interest above that of themselves they are guilty of child neglect.

    All. Lives Matter

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  • If euthanising some people gives the remainder a better life, that is caring about people. Because I want the elderly euthanised it doesn't mean I don't care about them. You want them to experience a long painful lingering death, which is what the majority do. I want them to go quickly and painlessly. Yep, your right, for some disabled people I would do the same, and I think most people would agree with that. A lot of what the Nazis did was dreadful, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Back to the subject in hand. It is a parent's responsibility to feed their children, and if that means they have to give up certain luxuries, so be it. For many years we have managed without the suggested government hand outs, and I haven't witnessed many kids starving. In fact, you may note that children for poorer homes are the most obese.You

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