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    Part of the problem, I think, is the role itself. It's not just someone who is head of government, but head of state too and that's why mainly old men seem to get the job.

    That is only a recent phenomenon. Clinton wasn’t old, Nixon wasn’t old, Carter wasn’t old, the Kennedy’s weren’t old......

    I thought Reagan was too old for the job, but he was actually doing quite well until he got shot, and he was never really the same again after that.

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    Unfortunately only hours after Biden became president.. There were dreadful riots in Colorado by the Left wing Antifa/BLM thugs. They were burning American flags and burning property. If this is Biden uniting the country he has failed already. He can't even control his own left wing supporters.

    I don’t think you can put that on Biden! Give the man a chance, he’s only just arrived, and turning the hatred conjured up by Trump into tolerance is going to take a lot of skill, time and effort to achieve. You can’t seriously write the man off for that!

  • The only us predent that will impress me is the one that will sort the antiquated wild West based gun laws of the us, as they have no place in modern society and until a us president has the gumption to take on the moronic nra he has no right to consider himself as the most powerful world leader, but it won't ever happen.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • The only us predent that will impress me is the one that will sort the antiquated wild West based gun laws of the us, as they have no place in modern society and until a us president has the gumption to take on the moronic nra he has no right to consider himself as the most powerful world leader, but it won't ever happen.

    It is sad to think that the Constitution advocates the arming of the public because of the need for Presidents to always be aware that any attempt to seize power as a tyrant will be met with a response by a democratically motivated civil militia. Trump proved that a way could be found to get around that threat: Make sure the militia is on the side of the tyrant.

    By his example, it is therefore apparent that the reason for keeping the Second Amendment is no longer valid and it could be argued that there is a case for repealing it.


    The National Rifle Association is extremely powerful in the US. Probably the single most powerful lobby in the entire country. It also funds the political campaigns of dozens of Senators, Congressmen and even Presidents. It gives vast amounts of money to the Republican party.

    I agree it would be extremely difficult to repeal the Second Amendment.... not impossible, just very, very, very difficult. Perhaps the best that any incumbent president could hope to achieve would be to outlaw certain kinds of weapons such as the very powerful assault rifles that we saw in the hands of the Proud Boys. I don't like to use that name because is suggests they have something to be proud of, but they don't. However, it is what they call themselves and it is how they are known so we're stuck with it.

    Weapons such as hunting rifles, handguns of a certain calibre and sporting weapons intended for use in recognised competitions would be acceptable, but strictly controlled and subject to stringent vetting and licences which could quickly be revoked in certain circumstances. The Second Amendment would be kept intact, but heavily regulated.

    Another way might be to extend the role of the National Guard. Make then the official civil militia and the only way to own a firearm would be through membership of that, and sworn allegiance to the Constitution (not the President).

    But even those options would be incredibly difficult to get through Congress.

    I see no easy solution to the problem. All I can say is that we don't have it here and that is something to be thankful for.

  • Its always the same old excuses for keeping the gun laws as they are in the US, "its in the constitution, so it cant be changed" which quite frankly is bollocks no laws which essentially the constitution is, a set of laws, should ever be set in stone so they cant be changed, as for the NRA why cant they be challenged so what if the have politicians in there pockets or should I say lining the pockets of politicians, it just takes someone with a pair to stand up and say no to the NRA and if every politician in the US is that corrupt they put money they are bribed with by the NRA, over the lives of citizens being shot by nutters with guns then the US is fucked. :rolleyes:

    Yet so many are aspiring for "the American way of life", well I certainly ain't. :D

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • Far Left rioters :-…ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490

    Proves that the problems in America is caused by the Liberal Left. Even the Left wing in America hate Biden. What chance has Biden appealing to middle America or the Right of Centre. He is also Condemned by the Roman Catholic church. Priests refuse Biden Holy Communion because of his Anti Christian stance…-split/?features-religion

    Just shows that he is two faced and not the Christian he likes to portray. .

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    Don’t be daft, Mike. Those lefties don’t support Biden. There are extremes on both sides, but what is disturbing is that Trump actually identified with the right-wing extremists and even had them march to the Capitol.

    As for the Roman Catholic Church, that is simply about abortion, nothing else. Not all Catholics support the Church’s uncompromising attitude on this.

  • Boris Johnson's comments about Joe Biden, Barack Obama, black people, and all the other insults he so liberally threw about when they were certain that Trump would be re-elected, will be coming home to roost:

    Kamala Harris "Hates" Boris Johnson


    Boris Johnson had accused Mr Obama of an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire”, due to his part-Kenyan ancestry, remarks which at the time were branded “idiotic” and “deeply offensive” by Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames.

    Apparently, a source told the Sunday Times in November 2020 that Kamala Harris “hates” Mr Johnson, saying, “If you think Joe hates him, you should hear Kamala”, as she has not forgotten Mr Johnson’s comments.

    I especially like this bit....................

    The UK Prime Minister tweeted congratulations to Joe Biden after he was declared the winner of the presidential election, about which, a former aide of Barack Obama, Tommy Vietor said, “This shapeshifting creep weighs in. We will never forget your racist comments about Obama and slavish devotion to Trump but neat Instagram graphic”.

    Boris Johnson said "idiotic" and "deeply offensive" things. No surprises there, then.

    "Shapeshifting creep". I like it.

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall and hear what Joe has to say to Boris when / if they get together during the Presidential tour of Europe that we hear is being planned.

    If, that is, he doesn't snub Britain not coming here at all.

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    Britain is first on the list for a visit outside North America. Early reports suggest that Biden wants a good relationship with Britain. There are many issues on which the two men agree, such as climate change for example, and that is what matters.

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    From today’s Sunday Telegraph:

    BORIS JOHNSON last night told Joe Biden his arrival in the White House was a “moment of hope in a dark time” as he became the first leader outside North America to speak to the US President.

    The Prime Minister is believed to be the third world leader to speak to Mr Biden after his scheduled call was brought forward by two days in what will be seen as a major boost for the special relationship between the UK and US.

    Mr Johnson spoke to Mr Biden in a 35-minute phone call from his office at 10 Downing Street. The pair discussed “a very wide range of subjects”, sources said, describing the conversation as “very warm, friendly and wide ranging with agreement on key issues”.’

    Not a bad start I would say, despite your depressing predictions, Jenny. ;)

  • On interview, Biden stated that not much is going to change during his administration.. In that case, I predict more riots from the Black power/ Antifa domestic terrorists with a bit of trouble from patriots defending their property, towns and homes from those terrorists. Biden needs to stop supporting those L/W terrorists.

  • Biden's first press conference was a disaster. He only answered questions from Biden supporting news outlets and snubbed others -- This is the cowards way out ....... He can't be trusted.. He's a complete disaster. Poor old dodder. He needs care in a care home...

    Quote :-

    "The snubbing comes as Joe Biden delivered a mumbling and incoherent first press conference where he forgot his lines and tailed off at the end of sentences and at one point he left the podium before the end of the press conference to the amazement of many journalists.

    In one confusing moment Mr Biden said "the best way to get something done is if you hold it near and dear to your heart... anyway."

    He then announced he was going at which reporters swarmed him for questions and answers".

  • Oh dear Biden is away with the fairies

    See :-

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  • Biden has been the President since January. He has done nothing right during his term in office. He has bumbled and stumbled every day and made America the laughing stock of the world.

    In reality, it's not his fault, as his failing mind and lack of any form of cognicance renders him unfit for the job.. Why do the Democrats insist that the poor old man remains in the White House............. He should be looked after in a care home where he would be able to live out his remaining time in a safe secure environment.

    Could it be that someone else (unelected) is doing the job of president in the background and they are just keeping Biden as a figurehead ?. ( A past democratic President perhaps) ...... That would go against the American constitution and would not go down well with the American people.

    America is going downhill fast, a new President should be installed ASAP to stop this decline..

    IMHO This should not be Kamala Harris.

  • We need to understand who is really running the show then act against them. Their actions must be unlawful or unconstitutional or both.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

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