Live TV HDMI stick? Is there such a contraption!?

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  • Hi there,

    We have just bought a new office and put a TV on the wall however we are not allowed to put TV aerials up (part of the lease agreement).

    I was wondering - is there a cheap HDMI dongle that I can plug in and connect to my corporate wifi that will stream live UK TV?

    I've looked at Roku / Google Chromecast but they all require some form of subscription and they don't say they actually stream live UK TV!? (I am wanting BBC 1 / ITV / Chanel 5 etc)

    Can anyone assist!?

    Many thanks

    As a footnote - I dont want anything subscription based or that I have to sign into with my phone (like chromecast) as this is for the TV in the canteen at work and will be used by the folks I work with.

  • You get a few channels with a Fire TV stick ie CH5 and its offshoot channels and the Pluto channels (all owned by the same company) but the only way that I can think of to do it for free is to go via the streaming services, ie to access the BBC channels go via the iplayer, ITV channels through the ITV Hub etc. So, to get access to the channels, you have to go into the respective broadcaster's app, a bit messy to say the least, but its doable.

    Here's a article on this:…cable-uk-guide/

    But, probably a little mini aerial dongle is the way to go, something like this:…395741591&psc=1

  • I should add the fact that as Fire TV has added Ch5 and its offshoot channels to its main menu shows there is no reason why it couldn't do the same for the BBC etc if I assume the other broadcasters pay for access. This is what the first page of the live tv section looks like on the Fire tv:

  • The "no aerial" thing is usually meaning an outdoor aerial, not an indoor one you have alongside the TV.

    Indoor aerials usually, in my experience, have no trouble getting the main channels on the most widely available multiplexes, so you should be able to get the main BBC and most of the ITV/C4 channels (ITVBe, CiTV, 4Music are on less widely available multiplexes, so maybe not them) and Channel 5. And the main HD multiplex should be fine too.

    Some of the available indoor aerials are quite discreet. One I have (that is now surplus, is basically a thin bit of wire with a heavier weighted base about as wide as the average remote control.

    Maybe a work colleague has spare indoor aerial or two you could try if you don't have any yourself.

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