Commission Report says.. UK not deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities'.

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  • The UK generally is a model society with little racism or ethnic problems. I tend to agree with the report. Yes there are a small number of Black people who hate the indigenous UK citizens and there are a small number of White people who resent unbridled immigration. But in general outside the largest cities, people live more or less in harmony. That's how it should be. The media just love to stir up trouble and put labels on people. ----------------------This is wrong.

    I live in a small town and have never seen any violence against or caused by people of ethnic origin.

    The main findings were:

    • Children from ethnic-minority communities did as well or better than white pupils in compulsory education, with black Caribbean pupils the only group to perform less well
    • This success in education has "transformed British society over the last 50 years into one offering far greater opportunities for all"
    • The pay gap between all ethnic minorities and the white majority population had shrunk to 2.3% overall and was barely significant for employees under 30
    • Diversity has increased in professions such as law and medicine
    • But some communities continue to be "haunted" by historic racism, which is creating "deep mistrust" and could be a barrier to success

    All good stuff .

    The Voice of Reason

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  • Thanks for that link OB, hard to know what is being talked about without context.

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  • Thanks for that link OB, hard to know what is being talked about without context.

    Unfortunately the media are the worst offenders at stirring up racial divisions. Newspapers only report news with their own narrow minded Political slant.

    The only way to understand all the issues is to read the full report, the main findings of which I reported on the opening post.

    The Voice of Reason

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