Corruption in Government

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    OB, go back to Jan to March last year. We knew the virus was spreading and did we close the borders, no. Instead Boris was making jokes and going about business as usual. Remember the "squash the sombrero" quip? He was so laissez-faire over everything, it almost killed him.

  • The essential thing to remember is that the decision on whether to lock down was a balance between health and the economy.

    Only if you're a neoliberalist sociopathic-deathmongering psycho. who would let the dead pile up in their thousands rather than affect multi-billlionaires profits.

    The economy comes a very distant second place to the economy when it becomes a matter of human life. Sure, take it into account, but if locking down saves lives, then lock down. End of.

    I know you'll sneer and patronise at the mere mention of saving lives. Human life doesn't matter to some people.

    Bloody hell.... we have to get rid of these Tory monsters once and for all. Get them out of office and then change the electoral system so they can never gain this level of power ever again.

    We owe it to humanity.

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    The point was, Jenny, that the PM knew lockdowns would only delay the inevitable. The end of every lockdown results in the inevitable next wave, and the cost of each lockdown would end up ruining the economy, which in turn would impact services.

    This was not the straight forward decision that you are making out that it was.

    Of course, things are very different now that we have the vaccines. But back then there was little confidence that a vaccine would be found.

  • I don't understand what the issue is here with the flat

    The flat is a good distraction from other issues.

    As for the bodies comment. We have all said things in the heat of the moment but the fact that it passed through his mind I find concerning. It's an insight into his mentality. I bet Hitler had the same thoughts.

  • The flat is a good distraction from other issues.

    As for the bodies comment. We have all said things in the heat of the moment but the fact that it passed through his mind I find concerning. It's an insight into his mentality. I bet Hitler had the same thoughts.

    it's part of his sociopathic behavioural pattern, Norra.

    We all get frustrated at times. But we are not in positions of power. I can't authorise rules that will put the lives of people at risk. I don't have to make decisions that affect whether people live or die, but I can tell you this..... If it was up to me, I would take the decision to save as many lives as I could over party donors and multi-billionaire corporate bosses any day.

    That is the simple, stark decision that has to be made. It's that simple.

    And he said that he would let people die "in their thousands" rather than affect business again. No Labour or Liberal or other party leader would have considered such a choice. And I think the nation would have understood that and accepted the hardship that goes with it.

    We are all fed up with lockdown, but we're alive, possibly (I have to say possibly because the negative can never be known) because we've had our movements and liberties temporarily curtailed. If Tim Martin has lost money, then I don't care.

    Boris Johnson has exhibited many sociopathic characteristics. This and his narcissism, his propensity to lie through his teeth at every occasion as a matter of casual routine....... his inability to govern the country effectively and his dishonest, corrupt and even criminal behaviour makes him wholly unfit for the office that he holds.

    And yet there are those who attempt to shrug all this off. "It's just Boris being Boris".......... the apologists who would condemn long and loud if these same things were done by a Prime Minister of any other party........ and those who callously and with a level of dismissive cruelty, mutter dismissals of the tragedy of the death toll the Tories have been culpable for. "People die every day". "There are too many people in Britain anyway". "We could do with reducing the population". As if Coronavirus has done us the favour of carrying out a human cull that was long overdue.

    This issue of the flat is relevant to all these things because it has led to exposure of the incompetence, corruption and self-serving dishonesty of a man who is unfit for office and who, if the Tory Party had a shred of decency, would be hauled out of Downing Street and sent packing into obscurity and to await the judgement of history on his appalling time as Prime Minister.

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    If it was up to me, I would take the decision to save as many lives as I could over party donors and multi-billionaire corporate bosses any day.

    That is the simple, stark decision that has to be made. It's that simple.

    No, it’s not that simple. How would you fund the NHS when the money runs out?

    You cannot spend, spend, spend without consequences. We’ve already spent a fortune and God knows what problems we will have paying that back. Adding to that problem isn’t a decision you would want to make lightly.

    The PM has an investment plan to take us successfully out of the Brexit phase. It may suit your political agenda for that dream to fail, but frankly, if a wrecked economy leads to drastic cutbacks in services, with the implications that has for the poor and sick, surely you would be concerned at such a prospect.

    Prior to the vaccine, it made no sense to have lockdown after lockdown because we were only pausing the spread of the disease. Lift the lockdowns and it came back again. A different strategy was required to allow the healthy population to go about their daily business, both with the aim of achieving herd immunity while protecting the vulnerable.

    Now we have the vaccine and half the population has now had the jab, leaving only younger people not having had access to it, lockdowns make even less sense.

    We need to get out and about now and learn to live with this virus the same way as we live with flu, which can kill 30,000 people in a bad year.

  • Interesting that you bring up the NHS because some of the few people that do have to make some of those awful decisions are doctors but they don't make those decisions lightly and it is always with the patients best interest at heart. The only exception of course is when they they are no longer allowed to act like a doctor and have pressure put on them from the department of health and trust managers.

  • The problem isn't Boris.

    It's the postmodern, rabble-rousing, malignant, lynch-party mentality of the media and the impressionable, nitpicking, self-rightuous, sanctimoniousness of the electorate (and that's excluding the ever-increasing part of the electorate who are mentally deranged).

  • I believe some of the electorate have far too higher expectation of what MPs will do, they expect MPs to do things for the good of the country rather than just do things for the good of themselves and getting their noses deeper in the trough and feathering their own nests, maybe if people just lowered their expectations and were more realistic and just accept that politicians are just self-serving charlatans and snakes then things would actually get better. Time to wake up and smell the bullshit. :D

  • I suspect that when voters respond to rational debate by saying "I honestly don't give a monkeys" , the result is that MP's are likely to view and treat them as monkeys (and try to do that without letting on).

    Also, when an MP is already extremely wealthy, or has moved over from business to make acts of charity, then the accusation of "feathering one's nest" is just a prejudicial or pig-ignorant or sour-graped way of describing the right to earning a living over & above a modest basic salary and expenses.

    The reason MP's basic salary and vetted expense account is fairly modest compared with being in private business is because MP's can make extra money thanks to their knowledge and influence in government. Whether that extra money is made in a way that corrupts the system of government needs debating in a rational mature way and with a sense of proportion, unlike what a one gets from the mainstream and social media.

  • Maybe if people just got on with living their own lives and as long a nothing major changes that actually affects them, just go with the flow the world would be a happier place, I've lived through various governments whether Labour, tory or whatever and feel nothing major has changed or affected me, so I just get on with my life and live it the best I can and as such have no real complaints. :D8)

  • Boris Johnson’s ‘Downing Street Donor’was Allowed to Bid for£120 Million Public Contracts…million-public-contracts/

    A firm founded and owned by Lord David Brownlow, the man who reportedly helped to fund Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat renovation, has been allowed access to public sector contracts worth up to £120 million in recent years.

    Although the source of funding for the Prime Minister’s upgrade in furnishings at No. 11 Downing Street is unclear, reports over recent days suggest that Johnson received a loan from the Conservative Party to pay the up-front costs. Estimates for the total outlay, above and beyond the £30,000 annual allowance that can be claimed from the public purse for such work, range from anywhere between £58,000 and £200,000.

    It is believed that the loan was funded, at least in part, by Conservative peer and former party vice-chair Lord Brownlow. In correspondence leaked to the Daily Mail, Brownlow indicated that the financing arrangement would be made via a charitable ‘Downing Street Trust’ – of which he expected to be appointed chair. However, it does not appear as though any such organisation has been set up, and Johnson has not yet declared the loan in his register of interests.

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    I don't think most people are bovvered, Norra. If the rules need reviewing, then let's review them. But the PM should be allowed to get on with the job, and opposition should be talking about the things that matter to the public.

    The Electoral Commission has got this. They should be allowed to get on with their work.

  • I'm with OB on this one. It's one thing to enjoy working from home but quite another to be obliged to have to live where you work and it seems entirely reasonable that BJ and his fiancée should make use of government budgets and donors (a fine dividing line) to somehow make their living quarters comfortable and enjoyable. Why the heck should BJ and fiancée have to personally finance the appearance and upkeep of a government/nationally-owned historically-important listed building's interior when they've only got a 5-year lease, where its possible renewal for BJ will be in the hands of the electorate?

    As for Ron-M's effortless unconcern with a government that can't focus on what's important to citizens' wellbeing and standard of living, it's a tempting outlook, especially if one is financially well secured (the "I'm Alright Jack" segment), or too easily pleased, or insensitive to the helpless plight of those who deserve more than being a victim of negligent, incompetent or sabotaged government. I can't help but resist such smug indifference, not just out of social conscience but also to avoid having to live in the country of my birth while it steadily deteriorates quantitatively and qualitatively

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    It's not so much about being well off, it's about being able to manage one's finances better than others who waste money and then complain they are hard up. 🙄

    Boris could get a much better paid job than this one, and that goes for most Prime Ministers of whichever complexion. Why should they have to live in a flat in surroundings that are less pleasant than they are accustomed to?

    If we want to have a good calibre of PM to run this country, we need to stop being so mean and penny-pinching on these matters. You know what you tend to get when you pay peanuts, don't you?

  • Pay peanuts.....are you having a laugh. Do you know how much the average bar worker or shop worker earns in a year. If I had my way a I would put the PM in a council estate flat so at least they have some grasp on reality the majority. Anyway why should they even have a living quarters with the job. They could have their own pad and commute back and forth like the majority of people do. It's time they started living in the real world.

  • Batty disaapproves that Lord Brown is "allowed access to public sector contracts worth up to £120 million in recent years".

    It's entirely possible Batty hasn't the faintest idea what "allowed access" means.

    Batty wants to put the PM in a council estate to help him grasp the "reality of the majority

    There is no need for that. All the PM needs to do is read Batty's postings

    Only problem then is he would wonder if he's pushing water uphill and it's time to return to his previous much better paid career

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