Transhumanism - Human Genetics and Modifications

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  • WARNING: I'm putting a warning on this YouTube video as it is not for the faint hearted. You may find some scenes upsetting and deeply disturbing. Do not not watch unless you are thick skinned and not afraid of a bit of gore including animal and human.

    The most disturbing part is the last few minutes from 20:00 onwards so if you have watched the previous content then be prepared.

    Frankenstein is real. Proper messed up stuff here in scientific laboratories around the world. How we allow these kind of things to go on in the world I do not know. It's so messed up and the stuff of nightmares. Some of the scientists involved are complete psychos. I am posting these because it is real and I feel that its important that people are aware of these things otherwise how can we put a stop to it. People have no control over the unknown. If you think lab rats are bad...well, this is on a whole new level often hiding behind medical research.

    Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA Trans-humanism

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