What music appeals to you?

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  • Hardly. Visually impressive but had a lead character who, at the time could barely speak enough English to order a cup of coffee and probably only grunted thirty short lines of dialogue the entire film (which was just as well considering he had the acting skills of a giant redwood). Weak plot, zero twists, virtually zero script and overly reliant on wooden body builders.

    I've seen a lot worse, but that doesn't make it a masterpiece. it was cheese on steroids.

    That sounds more like a description of Conan the Destroyer. That was definitely cheese on steroids. Barbarian is about the futility of revenge and the complete emptiness that it leaves.

    All I know is that I know nothing :/

  • I really like a bit of 80's cheese, but what I really love is soundtracks of my favourite movies. . .

    If you can find it look out for the soundtrack of Something Wild. And it's not a half bad film too. Jonathan Demme at his best got brilliant performances out of Griffiths and Liotta in a film that starts like a romantic comedy and then BANG it gets really serious.

    Track listing

    1. "Loco De Amor (Crazy For Love)" by David y Celia – 3:45
    2. "Ever Fallen In Love" by Fine Young Cannibals – 3:48
    3. "Zero, Zero Seven Charlie" by UB40 – 3:48
    4. "Not My Slave" by Oingo Boingo – 4:23
    5. "You Don't Have To Cry" by Jimmy Cliff – 3:57
    6. "With You Or Without You" by Steve Jones – 4:46
    7. "Highlife" by Sonny Okosun – 3:40
    8. "Man With A Gun" by Jerry Harrison – 4:32
    9. "Temptation" by New Order – 3:28
    10. "Wild Thing" by Sister Carol – 4:05
  • Some of her early stuff is quite excellent but IMHO she let her career peter out too early.

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  • Nina Simone: Her live version of ... I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREE. Is the best song and performance I have ever seen. The epitome of a true artist.

    8| "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change".

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