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    January 6, 2023 at 11:54 AM

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  • All listings are now shown on the OLD BOY’S TV & STREAMING CHOICE thread.

    January 6, 2023 at 11:54 AM

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  • Sport, soaps and reality shows generally will not feature in these listings.

    Oh well, just have to live with that! ;)^^

    These lists are a very good reminder of just how much good telly there is, but still spread across too many channels. One day we might be down to a couple of dozen channels or less and that is more than plenty to offer a wide range of shows and films.

    Thanks OB as always. :)

  • Oh well, just have to live with that! ;)^^

    These lists are a very good reminder of just how much good telly there is, but still spread across too many channels. One day we might be down to a couple of dozen channels or less and that is more than plenty to offer a wide range of shows and films.

    Thanks OB as always. :)

    Thank you, Horizon. There is quite a lot of stuff to watch spread over all those channels as you say, but most of the scripted drama at the moment is films. There are lots of new dramas in the making, though, so hopefully the Autumn season will show a big improvement.

  • The latest TV listings have now been added above for the week commencing 17 July.

    The eagerly awaited third series of ‘Manifest’ starts on Sky 1 tonight at 9pm. All 13 episodes of the new series are available on demand already. If you have not watched the first two series about the mystery of the plane that disappeared off the radar for five years, then suddenly reappeared, this is a must-see, and you can catch up from the beginning on demand.

    Also worth a look is ‘The Pact’, in which a snap decision at a work party has shocking repercussions. Watch this series from the beginning on the BBC I-player.

  • As the summer season groans on, it is necessary to pick and choose what to watch. Fortunately, there are some good films to enjoy when our entertainment channels fill their schedules with game shows, reality programmes and the like.

    Just two dramas of note in the week commencing 24 July. We have ‘Quiz’ which is the story about an attempt to cheat on the ITV show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. This is a second chance to view this drama, which is actually well worth a look if you missed it first time around.

    The ‘Law and Order’ series was good, and the spin off being shown on Friday ‘Law and Order: Organised Crime’ should not disappoint if you liked the original series.

    The murky truth behind Ted Kennedy’s car crash which killed his campaign worker is re-enacted in the 2017 film ‘Chappaquiddick’. This incident was suspicious at the time for those who were around then - this film tells us that we were right to have our doubts. I thought his political career would be over after that, but amazingly he was elected President not long afterwards.

  • The murky truth behind Ted Kennedy’s car crash which killed his campaign worker is re-enacted in the 2017 film ‘Chappaquiddick’.

    I remember a sketch on TV from Alas Smith and Jones, I think, with Teddy Kennedy at the lectern: Chappaquiddick taught me a lot, it taught me never drive over narrow bridges when you're blind drunk.

  • Well, we are coming to the end of the summer season, and so there is still a heavy reliance on films, documentaries and repeats for the best entertainment this coming week (see post #2).

    The only Top Pick this time is ‘The Bay’, which is well worth watching.

  • A new series of Start-Up (Virgin Ultra HD) and Brittania (Sky Atlantic) start this week.

    I have followed ‘Start-Up’ from the beginning and have really enjoyed this series. It follows a group of young people who start up a cryptocurrency business. If you have not seen this to date, all three series are available on Virgin On Demand and on Amazon Prime.

    Brittania I have yet to see, but it looks to be pretty outrageous and so it should be fun (if not rather near the knuckle!). If you missed the first series, Sky viewers can watch it on demand, but Virgin viewers will need to access both series via Now (TV).

    Only two weeks to wait for the much improved Autumn season!

    The updated listings for next week are available in post #2 above.

  • Never heard of Start Up, so thanks for that OB. I did at the beginning of the year watch the first series of Britannia and hope to get back to that soon.

  • Next week’s listings are displayed on post #2 above.

    For the beginning of the Autumn season, some Sky channels change from 1 September. Sky One is replaced by Sky Showcase and there is a new channel as well - Sky Max.

    Many programmes on Sky Showcase are highlights of other Sky channels, and are simulcast with them. All in all, this does not mean we are getting lots of new content, and I suspect that this re-arrangement is cleverly disguised to cover up the reality that most of the new US content is going directly to the streamers now.

    Hopefully, the promised additional programming from Sky Studios will help to plug the gap, along with some original stuff from Comcast.

    Top Picks this week include ‘Vigil’ which sounds very promising.

  • 3 September 2021

    This week’s top dramas are ‘Snitch’ (Virgin Ultra HD), a repeat of ‘Limetown’ (Alibi) and new drama ‘Wolfe’ (Sky Max/Sky Showcase) - see #2 above.

    As the Autumn Season progresses, more new dramas should be appearing on our screens, and as this happens, we will be concentrating more on these than the lower quality programming to which we are regularly subjected during the Summer Season. I am pleased to note that a lot more watchable new series will be available soon, despite the rise of the streamers and after the hiatus caused by the recent lockdown.

  • Top dramas this week are ‘Endeavour’ (ITV, 8pm Wednesday) which is a bit old school, but interesting storylines nonetheless; ‘Manhunt’ (ITV3, 10pm Monday) which is well worth seeing if you missed it first time around; ‘Help’ (Channel 4, 9pm Thursday), a powerful story starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham; and ‘All Creatures Great and Small (Channel 5, 9pm, Thursday).

    See post # 2 above for details.

  • W/c 18 September 2022

    Nothing much stands out in the listings this coming week - we still await those nice new programmes for the autumn season (see #2). One or two tasty bits to watch, though!

  • ‘Hollington Drive’ and ‘The Undoing’ are two dramas to watch out for in particular this week, although ‘Powers’ also sounds promising if you enjoy stories about superheroes!

    See #2 for details.

  • I am pleased to report that things are looking up on the drama front this week, although most of the programmes are repeats which you may well have missed. For example ‘Underground’ on Virgin Media Ultra HD (Monday) about a man who owns a slave plantation who wants to be a US senator, ‘Your Honour’ and ‘Succession’ on Sky Atlantic (Sunday and Monday respectively), and series 5 of ‘Blue Murder’, with previous series available on demand.

    There is also a repeat of ‘Honour’ on Thursday, about a woman who goes missing after repeated attempts to get the police involved. It doesn’t stop there - another chance to see ‘Guilt’ is provided on Friday, in which two brothers try to cover up a road traffic accident.

    In the week commencing 2 October, we have two new series beginning - Ridley Road from the BBC on Sunday about the British fascist threat in the 1960s, and ‘Valley of Tears’ about the Yom Kippur War in 1973, in which Israel faced a threat of annihilation.

    Together with some decent films to watch, next week is not an altogether bad one! Full details at #2.

  • ‘Angela Black’, ‘Scenes from a Marriage’ and ‘Cobra: Cyberwar’ are the top pick dramas showing in the week commencing 9 October.

    Full details of recommended listings are shown in #2 above.

  • The recommended listings for the week commencing 16 October are now on post #2.

    A key new one-off drama this week is ‘The Trick’, which follows the hapless scientist as he is embroiled in the events surrounding the climate scandal.

    Another scandal involving President Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky is dramatised in ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’, the second good drama this week from the BBC.

    ‘Succession’ and ‘Shetland’ also make a welcome return to our screens.

    Full details above.

  • Ray Donovan and Chernobyl are repeated and are two of the three of my top picks this coming week commencing 23 October (see #2 above).

    The only original top pick is Temple, which returns with a new series this week.

    All of these shows including the previous series will be on demand (or on Now TV for the Sky Atlantic shows not on Virgin Media).

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