Border Force Vessel goes into French waters and people smuggles illegals into Dover.

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  • Somebody must be on a backhander there. Why else would they go against policy unless we are being told one thing while something else is happening. Every crew member onboard should be instantly dismissed no questions asked. That will send a message out to others.

  • Funny how the French don't seem to mind UK vessels entering their waters for this, yet would probably kick up a fuss for any other reason.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

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  • What's the point of tourist restrictions on decent members of society when Illegals can cross the channel and walk into Britain's shores with impunity. The UK is too soft on Criminal activity.

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    Hopefully, Priti Patel’s new legislation will be sufficient to put an end to the abuses of our immigration system. Being able to send them back by return of post should be a culture shock!

  • Guys this is UK border force. We can can't shoot our own. It comes across to me that the UK border force have gone rogue and if that is the case then this is really serious. Quite frankly it's a security threat. Maybe if this is the case then the UK border force should have their funding massively reduced, make redundant a load of staff and the others can get put back on Airport duty and we should put the money into the RN and let them do what they do best and handle all UK waters. UK border force are not fit purpose.

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