Premier League player arrested on suspicion of child sex offences.

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    I haven't named the Everton player on here for legal reasons, but it's all over Twitter and foreign newspaper sites.

    Redtops seem to know who but cannot name at the moment for legal reasons.

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  • It will all come out in the fullness of time.

    As for the offender...... well...... if he is found guilty of such offences then the full weight of the law must be thrown at him.

    Footballers ARE role models and as we have recently seen, are tremendously influential, especially among young people.

    Obviously the law must take its course, but if a conviction of such an offence is obtained, then it would be time to think about throwing away a certain key.

  • It's now even on his wiki page!

    Naming him could affect his right to a fair trial or make the trial collapse.

    The people sharing it on the internet are risking a possible paedophile getting away with it and are risking imprisonment themselves.

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