Plymouth Mass Shooting

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    Plymouth shooting: Jake Davison was licensed gun holder
    Jake Davison killed five people, including a three-year-old girl, before turning the gun on himself.

    Do we have to follow the Americans in everything?

    If the killer was "defeated by life," then he should have just put the gun to his own head and be done with it. I have no sympathy for the creature at all.

    Five lives ruined because of him. X(

  • An appalling and senseless act. The loss of life is just numbing and to kill a small child is..... well...... words fail me.

    I'm sure that his background and all the traumas that must undoubtedly have existed in his own life will no doubt become the subject of, first, lurid press speculation (and even more ridiculous rhetoric) and then as more facts emerge, doubtless there will be questions as to how and why the behavioural patterns that probably showed he was on the way to some sort of break down weren't spotted.

    Inevitably, fingers will be pointed and blame will be apportioned, though not necessarily where it rightly belongs, but at the lowest level it can be conveniently dumped. At that point those in officialdom will come out with the stock answer: "We must make sure this can never happen again."

    Which is what they always say. But it does.

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    But we don't have loads of mass shootings here yet, Jenny and unlike in America, most guns are illegal here.

    It's very difficult to know at what point a breakdown can turn someone into a homicidal maniac.

  • But we don't have loads of mass shootings here yet, Jenny and unlike in America, most guns are illegal here.

    It's very difficult to know at what point a breakdown can turn someone into a homicidal maniac.

    Yes, you're right, we don't have anything remotely resembling the problem America has and we should be thankful for that. I think this is the first mass shooting of its kind since Dunblane. That happened, I think, in the mid 1990's but feel free to put me right on that if I'm wrong.

    You're also quite right that individuals are not easy to read and what causes one person to seek help before it goes too far, may be an uncontrollable trigger event that trips somebody else over the edge.

    We are fortunate in Britain that gun control laws are effective and ownership of firearms is kept to a minimum. But that doesn't mean such offences can be completely eradicated. That's not an achievable goal, although it's one we must attempt to reach.

    During the Afganistan and Iraq wars........ and this wasn't widely publicised....... troops returning from the combat area were told before arriving back in UK that if they had any firearms or ammunition on their person or in their kit, to dump them in an anonymous receptacle that would be provided at the airfields they landed at. Anybody thereafter caught by Customs and their sniffer dogs would be arrested and court martialed. Literally hundreds of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition were gathered in in the first year alone. It reduced to a trickle after that, probably because the message had gotten out.

    In all probability, these were war trophies more than anything else, but there are two things we can't know. 1) How many weapons got through..? and 2) how many of those found their way to criminals via the black market.

    The point of relating that tale is that it is possible to control firearms to a high degree in this country, but we can never be entirely sure how many are around.

    And who owns them.

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    Plymouth shooting: Maxine Davison, killer's mother, was first victim
    Jake Davison murdered his mother Maxine before shooting and killing four other people.

    He killed his own mum. How awful.

    I'm sure there are some guns which aren't accounted for Jenny, but at least if someone has a breakdown here, they can't walk into a supermarket and buy a machine gun.

    I was chilled to the bone when I was on holiday in California in 1998 and went into Walmart and found their gun corner... I hope we never copy the yanks on this and shouldn't with our tight gun laws.

  • Amen to that.

    The problem with the Second Amendment to the US constitution is that it was written by the founding fathers who feared counter revolution or insurrection to overthrow their infant democracy. They believed that a democratically motivated armed civil militia would be able to put down such an insurrection.

    They couldn't possibly have seen the advent of modern weapons. They thought only of muzzle loaded muskets that could fire, at most, three rounds a minute and then, only in the hands of a skilled musketeer. The Second Amendment was motivated by the right reasons, and is now well past its sell by date. Well..... unless you take the attempt by Donald Trump to overthrow the government and inauguration of Joe Biden in January into account.....

    The point is, there is no threat to American democracy that justifies the quantity and level of lethal force that can now be put in the hands of anybody who wants to purchase it. Unfortunately, they now have the National Rifle Association, which is the most powerful force outside of the American armed forces.

    Its power is such that it cannot be politically challenged. Mass gun ownership in America is guaranteed until the NRA can be brought to heel.

  • No doubt they will lay the blame at the door of the entertainment industry, saying he was a fan of violent films TV programmes or computer games etc, when in reality he was just a loony with a gun.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • The problem with this Wokery society is that it's not allowed to say that a person is evil. The killer was a real evil nutter and should have been put into a secure environment when he was previously involved with the police. No doubt the police suspected that he might commit evil in the future but all this LW Wokery and extreme PC made it impossible to take precautionary action. Don't blame the Police. Blame the LW lawyers and judges.

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