Amazon moves Lord of the Rings tv series production to UK

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  • Lord of the Rings: Amazon moves show to UK from New Zealand
    The multi-million dollar production is one of the most expensive shows in the history of television.

    This is very good news for the UK tv/film industry. Bad luck to New Zealand.

    Amazon are throwing a bucket load of money at this series and if this tv series does anywhere near as well as the films, it will be great news for our toruist industry too.

    I'm not a LOTR fan, but I might give this show a go when it comes out.

  • I so loved the Peter Jackson trilogy. I have never read Tolkien but appreciate that LOTR must be an incredible read.

    I can't imagine any TV series made by Amazon being true to the stories, or even remotely close to having the sheer quality and excellence of the movie trilogy. It will probably appeal to limited mentalities who don't want to be challenged by the underlying storylines and just want to get straight to the battles, probably with some gratuitous (and wholly absent from the written stories and movie trilogy) sex along the way.

    Whoever they get to play the part of Smeagol / Gollum, will never come close to Andy Serkis' portrayal of the character. Ditto just about every character in the whole thing.

    Why can't TV channels leave great things alone...? All Amazon will achieve is to dumb the whole thing down.

    I think I'll give it a massive ignoring to.

  • I've read the LOTR novel ( Trilogy ) and also the hobbit. I also have "The Silmarillion" which is what this series is based upon as I understand it.

    This novel describes things long before the Hobbit. Of the rise of Sauron and the elves. The creation of the rings of power and the one ring to control them all.

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