Decarbonisation of the atmosphere

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  • This sounds promising in the quest to achieve zero emissions by 2050. I have long argued that hydrogen fuel is more practical for powering cars, lorries and planes, but any advance towards improving battery efficiency and quicker charging is very welcome.

    Green car technology boost as government grants £91.7m to decarbonisation projects
    The government has today announced more than £90m of funding for projects aiming to develop new green automotive technologies. The funding… | Engineering |…

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  • I think hydrogen is the way to go too, at least for powering cars. At the moment we just do not have the infrastructure to charge electric vechiles (EVs) and until that's in place, then EVs cannot be widely adopted.

  • I could not bring myself to buy an electric car because the number of miles it will run before needing a charge is limited and there are not enough charging points. In addition to that, who can waste all that time charging up the battery before resuming a long journey?

    However, with hydrogen, filling the vehicle should take about the same time as petrol and diesel, and doubtless existing petrol stations can adapt to supply hydrogen fuel.

    Electric power is even more problematical for large vehicles and aeroplanes, whereas hydrogen fuel is relatively straight forward and a much more likely solution for the immediate future.

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  • Aren't most power stations gas powered now? If so, I don't understand how electric cars will help as gas must be as bad as diesel because they are to ban gas fired central heating!

    Gas is better than coal, and it is only a transitional measure.

    In the longer term, we will be moving to nuclear fusion, and in the meantime we will be increasing wind power and the like to reduce our reliance on gas.

    You can't achieve such a huge transformation overnight. 2050 is the goal for carbon neutrality.

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  • In our hurry to decarbonise, we now face possible fuel shortages this winter as Putin puts pressure on Europe over the gas supplies they rely on.

    We cannot rely on the inter-connectors with Europe as they are liable to be turned off in the event of a fuel crisis in Europe.

    Our supplies have been allowed to fall to dangerously low levels through this manic rush to decarbonise, irrespective of the consequences.

    Energy rationing feared as Russia’s gas squeeze exposes the UK’s perilously low reserves

    Vladimir Putin's geostrategic squeeze has thrown Europe’s energy system into chaos

    AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD5 September 2021 • 5:00pmAmbrose Evans-Pritchard


    Russia’s Vladimir Putin is orchestrating a deliberate energy supply crisis in Europe by restricting the seasonal flows of pipeline gas, preventing the region rebuilding its severely depleted inventories fast enough before the onset of winter.

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  • So............. what does the government intend to do about it...?

    Wringing their hands and pointing the finger at Russia and whining "It's all Russia's / Europe's fault" isn't going to heat any hospital wards.

    Surely they are planning for all eventualities..? What about the elderly..? What plans are in place for them...?

    What about heating schools..? We can't have children sitting in freezing classrooms.

    Come on, stop passing the buck. WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING ABOUT IT...?

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • Yep and we just lost out on supplies in Afghanistan. We should not be using gas anyway. It would be much better to use some kind of bio fuel in a wood stove. Old Coffee granules for example considering how much coffee we drink and what goes to waste.

    Turning our coffee waste into bio-fuel

    Turning our coffee waste into bio-fuel
    In 2016 UCL partnered with UCL graduate, Arthur Kay founder and CEO of bio-bean to turn our coffee waste into sustainable, clean biofuel and ‘Coffee Logs’…

    Interestingly the factories that make instant coffee like Nescafe for example use the husks off the beans to power the factory. I think some coffee shop chains also use the waste granules to power the coffee machines. Saves them a fortune in electric and maximises profits.

    Here's the thing though. Capitalism wont allow us the general public to get away with using a fuel where they cannot profit from it so all we will end up doing is robbing Peter to pay Paul and all the stuff about being environmental friendly is smoke and mirrors. We could have all been living on sustainable free energy many years ago but every time someone invents something that threatens the likes of oil companies and others they are stopped, either they are paid off, the patent is buried somewhere or the inventor mysteriously drops dead. Even the Nazi's had some good inventions and look what happened to them. Yes there was a good side to Nazi's and I wonder who has taken advantage of that tech.

  • Well, don’t look at me. I was just drawing attention to it.

    Why don’t we get the Greenies sort it out. They are the ones causing governments to panic. You won’t see them for dust when the public start revolting because of constant power cuts!

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