Stupid Morons glue themselves to the tarmac..

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  • Well those protest morons are losing any support they may have had from the general public that's for sure, almost everyone is sick to death of them, to be honest I don't really think they had that much support to begin with, and I can see before long someone is going to give them some kind of rough justice if they piss the wrong person off, and you can bet the police will step in then.

  • Insulate Britain protesters glue hands to M25
    Nine arrests are made on the eighth day of action on the motorway in the last three weeks.

    These scumbags have directly affected my family now. X(

    They blocked a part of the M25 this morning, which affected my brother coming to my house and in turn, the effect of this has been a old, sick lady (my mum) waiting for my brother to help her.

    Essex Police were quick to put out a statement saying that they got to the scene quickly and removed the protestors as fast as they could, but we were all still delayed by more than a hour. That had a huge impact on us.

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  • I wonder what glue they use. I'm trying to think what would be the most effective and quick drying to glue skin to tarmac. I doubt super glue would do much good and you would need a heck of a lot of it. Tell your brother to leave an hour earlier next time in case there are traffic jams. It's shame you brother can't ride a motorcycle with you mother riding pillion LOL

    Better still...... :P


    Stick a Gatling gun on the front and you mum can blast anyone out the way :D

  • The moronic idiots are now blocking other motorways this morning.. The police are powerless to take the necessary action to stop all this dangerous evil crime.. They arrest the idiots and then they are released without charge. What's the point of that. They are breaking the law they should be up in court ...

  • I bet the police would be swiftly arresting any hapless motorist that accidentally ran one of the morans over.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • What's the point of that.

    The point is that the press can film them being arrested so all looks good to the general public as if the gov are doing something. Police can then let them go behind the scenes away from the press because high court judges have overruled the gov's so called new laws that do not hold up in court because it's it's not created according to the law. Oh the irony. Basically the government are gaslighting the general public again with their made up claims of law.

    The police if they really wanted to could use existing laws like trespass on a highway or something. The thing is we do still have the right to protest no matter what claims the gov want to make with their theoretical laws to make them look good in the press. These people protesting are not stupid and will have proper legal advisers who actually know the law hence why they are continuing to protest.

    Next thing will be the gov doing something about building insulation so it's a win for the protesters and gives them the go ahead to protest about whatever comes next. The gov giving in to them is the only way this will stop but it wont stop the next protest. That's the whole point of protesting and if you cause enough of a disturbance and media attention the more chance of something getting done. Media report it and the public get pissed off and start complaining so in affect we are working for the protesters by creating threads like this. We are creating the attention they need to get something done. It would be even better for them if a member of the public jumped out their car and beat one of them up or something or attempted to run them over as something would get done about building insulation even quicker then.

    The majority of the general public are stupid and playing right into the protesters hands with a little help of the media stirring the pot.

  • Of course they have the right to protest, but they are going beyond that by obstructing people going about their lawful business.

    And how are people supposed to ignore them if all the people are doing is driving to wherever they need to go and the morons are blocking the road and preventing them from doing so.

  • obstructing people going about their lawful business.

    There is no law about that otherwise we would not have road works and diversions. I'm no supporter of their cause much as I don't believe in the grand scale of things it will make a difference to global warming but it will massively reduce all our heating bills and allow those that struggle to be financially better off. Not only that but it will help with noise pollution that cause mental illness and noise complaints from neighbours etc. I am a supporter in their right to protest and they can do that by whatever means they want as long as is does not harm others. And before you bang on about crap like preventing people going to the doctors, anyone with half a brain will know what's happening and would prepare their journey to avoid motorways right now where you can get trapped between junctions. Remember what people had to do before the M25 was built, derrr. There's always alternative routes that can be taken to get around things as we do with roadworks, but I guess most folk rely on the sat nav to tell them what to do because they are probably incapable of reading a map or have any sense of direction. Seriously....the standard of intelligence has diminished in this country. Selfish individuals who blame others for their own mistakes. Come's not rocket science.

  • There is no law about that otherwise we would not have road works and diversions.

    There is a world of difference in road works blocking a road then a bunch of morons gluing them selves to it and blocking it, anyone wanting to block a road to do roadworks would have to have permission for one thing and they are doing something worthwhile, whereas those morons a far from doing anything useful and I seriously doubt they obtained permission to block the roads. :rolleyes:

    I should add a quick Google search will in fact reveal it is unlawful to block a public road/highway without first obtaining permission. ;)

  • Just caught the guy from (ER) Insulate Britain on the Wright stuff or whatever it's called these days. He's a bit of a nutter but to be fair he's being pushed into a corner and both sides are as bad as each other arguing over who's right and wrong and not willing to hear each other out and this is why climate change will never be solved. The thing is they are getting great publicity which will ultimately gain them more supporters especially younger folk. As the old saying goes even bad publicity is good publicity. It worked for Trump. Pritti Pattel is introducing an ASBO so we are back on making money again over any real action. All these people need to do is get more donators from their publicity to cover their fines when they break their ASBO. It wont make a difference. Yet again we have a government who only manipulates a situation to benefit their own pocket.

    The guy does have a point though. I don't know the in's and out's of this Chatham house stuff he's going on about which will cause many deaths from heat in 10 years but we have heard all this scientific stuff before and we know global temps are rising. It's whether we want to believe in science or not and whether money is more important than life. There's nothing we as one country can do about global warming anyway. We just have to accept the fact that humans will go extinct. Whether that starts in 10 years, 50 or 100 years is irrelevant. Folk want to get to work now and make money to pay their rent LOL They are not interested in their future or their kids future and we are stuck in a system on a global level that does not support the continuing survival of the human race on this planet. Maybe the rich can go to Mars and leave the rest of us behind. Lets keep earning the cash to pay for that. :whistling: I can defiantly see some kind of Elysium scenario in the future. Vaccinated only will be allowed on the space station and you have to have so much money. The rest of us are left to rot and fight it out amongst ourselves in a Mad Max and / or Waterworld type scenario.

    The real problem is not climate. The real problem is the structure of society, the making of money, producing products that go to waste so we spend more so more money is made and keeping that system running so the rich get richer and poor get poorer and at the same time pay for warfare and advancement in space tech and travel. We can also pay higher taxs to cover the government giving of money away to their rich mates. If we got rid of the financial system and came up with a better working and sustainable society then the climate would sort itself out as long as we don't reach the point of no return with a runaway greenhouse affect and end up like Mars. Humans are not intelligent enough and to selfish to solve these issues and nobody can agree so we will all continue to argue until the day we collapse from heat stroke and die. Or it could be floods, fires or any other number of effects from climate change.

    Personally I don't thing the tables will turn until we start taking all the migrants from the equatorial regions because they can no longer live there and people will soon kick up a stink then by which time it will be to late. Now that may actually begin to happen in 10 - 30 years time. That is realistic and we are seeing the issues now. We will be well on the way to a runaway greenhouse effect by then. Lets face it the majority of people either only care about the here and now or don't have the intellect to look forward. I do feel sorry for the kids in my family but maybe I should join the club of many of the older people including those that run the world and not give a shit because I will dead sooner than later anyway. Pass the buck so to speak and only concern ourselves with the here and now and what we can do to benefit ourselves while we are still alive.

  • This all seems a bit knee - jerk, Norra!

    If we dispensed with the financial system, what would replace it? There is no answer to that which would get the support of most people.

    What I do agree with, however, is that we need to improve the way things work (as opposed to destroying the whole system), ensure that more money filters down to the poor, and avoid the waste, which I acknowledge is considerable.

    As for climate change, if indeed the problem before us is man made carbon emissions, the UK plans to be carbon neutral by 2050. We just need the rest of the world to follow, and the human race is saved.

    As for the guys from the hotter parts of the world, I am sure Putin would welcome them in to populate the largely uninhabited parts of Siberia, where they will find it rather cooler.

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  • I belive there are already grant schemes in place to enable people to get their homes insulated either cheaper or for free.

    TBH I thought there there also. I know they had them a few years back so have they been removed or something when this gov came into power.

  • TBH I thought there there also. I know they had them a few years back so have they been removed or something when this gov came into power.

    I'm pretty sure its still available but I expect its means tested and the bloke who is the chief moron at insulate Britain doesn't qualify so that's why he is kicking up a fuss about it. I'm sure I see something on my energy suppliers website about grants for insulating peoples homes and you have to apply for it.

  • Yes that's what I have seen, but it's obviously not good enough for the protesters as I suspect the leaders of the group don't qualify as being on low income so that's why they are getting thier knickers in a twist, and I bet they haven't revealed that to those they have indoctrinated into doing their bidding.

  • Well it's not good enough is it. Low income can mean anything and how many people on low income are made aware of the scheme. How many people on low income will be staying where they live for the forceable future. Do they even own the property so in effect there is no scheme. From that angle the protesters have a valid point but don't expect the press to tell you that. So the scheme is a scam then. More government waffle and no real action is what it all boils down to so the gov need their hand forced.

    They need to scrap the low income part of that and make it every house no matter who you are. Give private landlords and housing associations an incentive who are the majority now. As things stand heating bills can just get passed onto tenants so why should they care or are the gov just encouraging higher heating bills to feed their mates. If the gov don't want to subsidise insulation then make it a legal requirement with heavy fines for those that don't comply with a time limit to get it done or get fined again.

    It's quite simple move the requirements for new builds onto all properties or be fined for non compliance. Those fines if enforced can then get used to help subsidise the costs of those on lower income so it doesn't even cost the taxpayer (gov) anything. Its a win win. Rob the rich to feed the poor accept that does not appeal to the gov and their rich mates. Frankly it's incomprehensible to them hence why they don't come up with a simple solution like I just have. You know it's not that difficult to drill holes in walls and fill with porous (breathable) expanding foam. It's not all about loft insulation.

    Then again maybe we can burn the MP's instead as fuel to heat our homes accept the smell of rotten meat isn't very pleasant. There's enough fat on them to burn and fuel peoples heating for years to come but I would suggest leaving their head on a steak on London Bridge as it would be really ugly to burn that part. :D

  • The road blockage by Insulate Britain at Old Street in London was covered by GB News. The police were more interested in moving on the reporter than dealing with the protesters. When they did deal with the protesters it was all nicey nicey and kid gloves. The police are part of the problem now 🤨

    Video link below

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