Abortion. Why can't women decide what to do with their own bodies?

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  • Texas passes law banning abortion after six weeks
    The law, one of the most restrictive in the US, passes as the Supreme Court fails to block it.

    Texas abortion law: US Supreme Court votes not to block ban
    The court also accepts that its ruling could face more legal challenges at a constitutional level.

    Biden says he is going to fight this and today the Justice Dept has said it will use federal law enforcement to protect the abortion clinics and the women who use them, but how has this come to pass in the first place?

    A 1973 Supreme Court decision called Roe vs Wade protected a woman's right to have a abortion and overturned many federal and state laws in the process, so how come this law has been passed. Surely Roe makes this Texas law illegal?

    Do Americans live in the 21st century or 15th century?

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  • It will probably be ruled illegal, and I hope it is, but I guess it will have to be put to the test through the courts system.

    It's an emotive subject. The way these anti-abortionists look at abortion is purely from the standpoint that you are killing babies and the practice is therefore unacceptable. Thou shall not kill, and all that.

    I can see both sides, but I do think that abortions should not be carried out once the unborn child is starting to become aware and can feel pain. Not unless the mother's own life is at risk, of course.

    If anyone is contemplating abortion, it's best done sooner rather than later in the pregnancy, but other than that, I am not qualified to express a definitive opinion.

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  • A lot of the time anti-abortion is driven by religion, and the moral attitude of abstaining from sex unless the intention is to create life especially between those who are not married to each other.

  • There are more than 1,000,000 abortions in the US each year. In many states abortion at full term is allowed and this does occur. No reason for abortion is normally required and a pregnant woman can elect to abort as she sees fit. Personally I think the abortion rules in the US are generally too lax which clearly others think as well which presumably has been a catalyst to this strict new law in Texas. I think the new law goes too far but I can understand how this came to be. There should still be access to abortion but it shouldn’t be seen as a form of contraception which seems a likely interpretation given the numbers.

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  • I think Texas has got it just about right. I abhor the idea of murdering babies. Too often women use abortion as just another contraceptive. Its not -- its killing a baby. :(

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