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  • Last night, we sat down and watched the three episodes of "Stephen" on catch-up.

    This was the ITV docu-drama about the follow up to the botched investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence in Eltham, South London in 1994. Steve Coogan played the part of DI Clive Driscoll, who reviewed all the evidence and found how the Forensic Science Service's failures to properly examine the evidence at the time, allowed the killers to go free for more than ten years.

    The programme was especially poignant for me because Stephen Lawrence was murdered not a couple of miles from where I lived at the time. I was only 10 years old then, but remember how it affected the community so deeply, and how divided people were over it. I lived in the well-to-do area of Blackheath, but in the rougher area of Eltham and Well Hall, the attitude was that Stephen Lawrence was stabbed when he got into an argument with a drugs dealer and was stabbed when he tried to rip the dealer off.

    My sister was in Sixth Form at the local comp and she had friends and classmates who knew the killers personally. It really was that close to home. It really did affect the people of the area that deeply. Everybody knew who the klllers were. Everybody knew that the line being taken by the police was way off beam. And everybody knew that Doreen and Neville Lawrence would never get justice if the Metropolitan Police had anything to do with it. They didn't give a damn. Just one more black kid stabbed in a fight over drugs.

    Some years later, when a plaque was placed in Well Hall Road where Stephen Lawrence died, I and a school friend placed some flowers on the stone. We never knew Stephen. We had no connection with the family. It was just something that we wanted to do.

    The docu-drama is an excellent one and truly conveys the multitude of feelings that occurred over this particularly horrible racist murder. The frustration of the family at the clear indifference of the police. The determination of Doreen Lawrence. The diligence of DI Clive Driscoll and his team. The ineptitude of the Forensic Science Service in 1994 (this was addressed by the Service before I joined it in 2005. I've some of the documentation about it and it makes for shameful reading). The appalling racism prevalent in South London at that time........ and still exists, though not to the same extent.

    This case changed a lot, but not enough. The shame is that it took the death of an entirely innocent, lovely young man to bring all the faults in the system out into the open.

    If you haven't seen this programme, you should.

  • This is certainly a disturbing case, and the attitude of the police was appalling.

    I have this drama recorded, and I shall definitely watch it.

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  • Sadly that crime is typical of London. Where stabbings are unfortunately all too common. Those stabbings won't stop until London stops their wokery, soft type policing and punishment and gets down to the real job of purging the capital of the vile gang culture. There are poor youths being stabbed and killed almost daily.

  • Sadly that crime is typical of London. Where stabbings are unfortunately all too common. Those stabbings won't stop until London stops their wokery, soft type policing and punishment and gets down to the real job of purging the capital of the vile gang culture. There are poor youths being stabbed and killed almost daily.

    I think you know nothing about London.

    Violent crime has always existed in the capital. It's always been more serious there than most places in Britain. That doesn't exonerate it, but it is a sad fact of life that today's crime problems are nothing new.

    In the 1960s the Krays ruled the East End and the Richardsons ruled (what is colloquially referred to as) "South of the River". Clashes between the two occurred whenever either side encroached on the other's patch and they were far more violent than current gang culture.

    The police at that time allowed it to happen as long as they kept it "in house". If one of the Richardson's people was found floating face down in the Thames the police would make a token investigation but nothing ever came of it. Likewise when one of the Krays minions turned up dead. The gangs sorted each other out and that was that.

    It wasn't until Reggie stabbed Jack "The Hat" McVitie to death in front of multiple witnesses that the police took an interest. Senior police officers realised they could take the Krays down and it would be a major coup. That was when they went for it.

    The same indifference to crime was prevalent in London until Doreen Lawrence began her campaign. She more than anybody has shaken up the police. Today's Met have changed greatly. There is nothing "woke" or soft about them. They go after it.

    They have almost eradicated the culture of "honour killings" in certain migrant communities. They have better relations with minority groups and they have made the transition from reactive policing to proactive, intelligence led policing better than most police services across the country. It's just that they have a greater volume of crime to deal with and of course, what happens in London gets greater publicity than anywhere else.

    London inevitably has a greater volume of crime to the rest of the country because of its sheer size and the greater population. 9 million people in one city will always produce more crime than, say, Greater Manchester with just 2.8 million people. That's a no-brainer. Also, crime is more lucrative in London than anywhere else. The pickings are richer. That will inevitably lead more people into criminal activity.

    Also, London has suffered disproportionately from cuts to the police service than anywhere else in the country. London lost 20'000 police officers due to Tory imposed austerity cuts. In 2019, Boris Johnson announced that there would be 20'000 more officers recruited, but that was nationwide. And that target has not been achieved. So it's fair to say that police services are stretched more in London than anywhere else.

    It's easy to blame the problems in London on your favourite mantra, but as usual, you haven't the faintest clue of what you're talking about. It doesn't surprise me.

    Rather, there are multiple, complex reasons why London has a high crime rate, some of which are attributable to a long standing, historic culture in the Metropolitan Police, rather than any new, more modern trend. Add to that the incompetence and bad management of central government and there you have the real reasons.

    I'm sorry if this long post has tired you out. I know you all struggle to concentrate on anything longer than a tweet, but there it is. If you've made it this far, then well done you. I hope it hasn't tired you out.

    Have a good day.

  • Turning a blind eye to the dreadful Gang culture and horrendous violence in modern London will solve nothing. Being proud of London's history of violence is insulting to the rest of the UK and to the families of people killed and maimed by the violence culture.

    The Mayor, instead of his stupid Woke PC policies, should allow the Criminal Justice system to tackle those gangs and publicly punish them severely to deter others.

    If not London will become a Third World No-Go area for decent people.

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