Popular Myths About Climate Change Debunked.

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  • I came across these little snippets and thought I'd share them on the basis that they're succinct, to the point, and factual. They debunk popular myths about climate change, such as, say, the argument that it isn't happening at all. The brevity of them will appeal to those who feel challenged by detail or in depth analysis. You can print them off and put them in your wallet to refer to when you are, perhaps, in the pub and being told by some eejit that renewable energy is too expensive or that polar bears are thriving now that the ice they depend on to hunt is disappearing. You could have a quick peek at the relevant snippet and amaze your friends with sudden erudition on the subject instead of nodding in agreement because you can't think of anything else to say.

    It's up to you what you make of them, but I thought I'd share them anyway. No, it's OK.... there's no need to thank me.




  • We're building a coal power station to cope with electric vehicle charging stations. :whistling: I have said it before but most of the Internet is also powered by coal in the US where all the big data centres are not to mention the Chinese infrastructure and other countries. There's a few European countries that have got energy sussed but they are few and far between.

  • The earth has been subject to climate change for millions of years. There have been global cooling and global warming during this period.

    This Is just another period of the earth warming up. It's nature.

    There was global warming during the period of primitive humans... The loony left nutters will try and convince everybody that the warming of that period was due to human involvement. ( maybe the cavemen had diesel cars and lorries :P )

    Likewise they are whining on that the natural earth warming we are experiencing is all due to cows and vegetarians farting :D

    Complete nonsense. Nobody can reverse the forces of nature.

    The only people benefiting from all this loony lefty moaning are the entrepreneurs who are manufacturing so called Green products.

  • We are all aware of what the scientists say about man being responsible for global warming. One of the statements they make is that the suddenness of the change proves their point.

    However, it doesn’t.

    climate change - Abrupt climate changes in Earth history
    climate change - climate change - Abrupt climate changes in Earth history: An important new area of research, abrupt climate change, has developed since the…


    Has sudden climate change occurred before?

    Yes. About 55 million years ago, at the end of the Paleocene, there was a sudden warming event in which temperatures rose by about 6oC globally and by 10-20oC at the poles22. Carbon isotopic data show that this warming event (called by some the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM) was accompanied by a major release of 1500-2000 billion tonnes or more of carbon into the ocean and atmosphere.

    This injection of carbon may have come mainly from the breakdown of methane hydrates beneath the deep sea floor10, perhaps triggered by volcanic activity superimposed on an underlying gradual global warming trend that peaked some 50 million years ago in the early Eocene. CO2 levels were already high at the time, but the additional CO2 injected into the atmosphere and ocean made the ocean even warmer, less well oxygenated and more acidic, and was accompanied by the extinction of many species on the deep sea floor.

    Similar sudden warming events are known from the more distant past, for example at around 120 and 183 million years ago23,24. In all of these events it took the Earth’s climate around 100,000 years or more to recover, showing that a CO2 release of such magnitude may affect the Earth’s climate for that length of time25.

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  • Yes the climate changes over time but it's the fast tracking or acceleration in climate change caused by us that is working against nature that is the problem. The bigger problem is that there is nothing we can do about it because of the way modern human beings live and society is structured so nature will kill us. It's that simple. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it because we cannot live in peace and cannot agree on anything and rubbish like capitalism rules over making any sensible decisions that work with nature rather than against. We also can't accept the fact that some humans have to die, we need culling, for others to survive so in affect we are digging our own graves. Basically it's selfishness and ego along with competing over each other that will kill us. All we can do is try to mitigate our errors by introducing so called environmentally friendly changes which in effect is only robbing Peter to pay Paul therefore keeping capitalism going which strips our planet of resources at the same time as polluting it.

  • You missed the bit that drew attention to sudden climate changes that have happened in the past.

    I am not denying there’s something happening with our climate. It’s what is causing it that I am not convinced about.

    However, eradicating the Brazilian rain forest won’t help.

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  • Sensible minds would suggest that we need to deal with the biggest causes of pollution that lead to climate change. The UK contributes less than 1% of global pollutants annually so whatever we do, even if we hit the net zero target we will in essence have a net zero impact in terms of the global pollution problem. Getting to net zero will likely bankrupt us and anyone else who treads this path. We need to put pressure on the largest causes of pollution to get them to our standards before we try to improve ourselves i.e China, India, developing nations etc. This way everyone will be living the same way with the same values and trying to achieve the same objectives in a fair and equitable manner. I think this would be a levelling up rather than a levelling down so it would improve the lot of many people and we don't have to do a anything until they get to our level because we are already very good in regard to climate change action, sustainable living, renewables etc.

    I suspect ideology, religion and corruption and in these higher polluting areas will make progress much harder than it was for us.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • I am all for cutting pollution. I agree, however, that what Britain does alone will not solve the problem. If we did get down to net zero, that would be negated by the increase in China’s pollution within the year.

    But I keep coming back to that figure of 0.04%. Can so little carbon in the atmosphere really be responsible for global warming?

    I think the scientists should continue to advocate reducing all forms of pollution, but they need to look carefully at other possible causes for global temperature increases.

    And don’t give us animal farts - that does nothing for the credibility of our scientists.

    I’m still annoyed that they had us ceasing to eat butter over 30 years ago when it was actually better for us than the other spreads that they were advocating.

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  • You don't actually read anything do you....? You just go into automatic and spout crap.

    I'll try again.


    The source for this article is NASA.... who I suggest are a reliable source for such a statement.

    Note the following points: 97% of CLIMATE EXPERTS agree that global warming is caused by humans.

    Of course, if you know better than some of the most highly educated climatologists on the planet, then give us the benefit of your learned expertise.

    Explain to us (and the scientists who know what they're talking about) exactly how climate change that, in the past, happened over tens of thousands of years, is suddenly being compressed into less than a hundred years.

    I won't hold my breath.

  • Climate change is a global problem and always has been represented as such. The problem isn't the scientists, it's the politicians and those people who refuse to believe it is happening at all, or that it is some sort of natural cycle.

    The scientists are simply explaining what's going on. We're not creating the problem, we're reporting it.

    OK.... let's deal with the issue of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. I'll try a little metaphor that might help.

    Firstly though, we need to understand that the atmosphere comes in layers. CO2 is mostly found in the Troposphere, which is the lowest layer and is about 7 - 10 miles thick. CO2 exists best in the middle of that layer at altitudes between 15'000 - 30'000 feet.

    CO2 is an insulator. It absorbs infra red heat protons. (actually, this can help with cloud formation, which acts as a coolant, but there is a delicate balance which is also affected and explaining that will complicate the issue. I want to keep this simple. Just take my word for it).

    Now, imagine a bed where the mattress is ground level. What do you put on the bed in order to stay warm.....? A duvet.

    When you get into bed, you lie on the mattress and put the duvet over you. The duvet doesn't generate heat, it keeps you warm by trapping your own body heat. Now, try to imagine CO2 as a duvet covering the earth's surface.

    CO2 doesn't produce heat, it keeps what is generated in.

    So...... every time, say, a jet flies across the sky, it's engines produce heat (and more CO2 in the exhaust that is deposited into the atmosphere and increases the duvet effect). That heat that would, in normal circumstances, rise and be cooled in the upper atmosphere, but less is able to escape because it is trapped by the duvet effect of CO2.

    The more CO2 we generate, the thicker the duvet becomes, the less heat can escape.

    OK..... this is a very simple explanation and not entirely 100% comprehensive.... it's more complicated than that.... but it's how I explained it to my 8 year old.

    She understood. At 8 years old. Consider that. If she can understand it...........................

    I offer this simplistic explanation to the forum.

  • The duvet doesn't generate heat, it keeps you warm by trapping your own body heat.

    Same principle as a wetsuit filling up with water. Air is a fantastic insulator too and is used between layers for noise isolation in studio's. It's also why feathers make good duvets as air gets trapped between them.

    As for small percentages it's quite simple. On mass a small percentage can have a huge effect. Just 1 degree in global warming has a massive impact.

  • If only we had stuck to the foot powered cars like the cavemen had, essentially the dinosaurs died out due to climate change if only they had learnt to control thier flatulence better. 🤣

  • Thank you for that, Jenny. Let’s hope the scientists are right and they have set the right course. I guess time will tell!

    I first became sceptical about this when that falsified information came out in the 1990s and the projected figures were shown to have been grossly exaggerated by an algorithm, so I have been following this fairly closely.

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  • I'm in the middle on this issue.

    I think climate change is both natural and man made.

    There has always been climate change but man's affect on the world is profound, as proven by the damage to the ozone layer which has just been reported is being bad again this year:

    The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica
    Each year between August and October, the ozone over the South Pole is depleted – this year the hole is larger than 75 per cent of the holes that had formed by…

    BUT, as we saw with the removal of CFCs from aerosols, the ozone layer has started to heal, but as that article states, the ozone layer was also damaged by natural changes in the jet stream too.

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