Major expansion for Netflix after Roald Dahl deal

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  • Netflix acquires works of Roald Dahl as it escalates streaming wars
    Content deal over author of children’s classics such as Matilda and the BFG is firm’s biggest to date

    Netflix already has an existing three year licensing deal for sixteen Roald Dahl titles, but this announcement today in acquiring all rights to Roald Dahl's stories forever, signals a major expansion for the company.

    Before this announcement, Netflix already announced they were getting into gaming, but this deal takes things to new levels because as well as tv, film and gaming, Roald Dohl works are involved in publishing (obviously) consumer products like toys and live events including theatre. Netflix has stated they will adapt Matilda: The Musical and turn Charlie and the Chocolate Factory into a tv series.

    Netflix really is becoming a "proper" media company now, so what next, theme parks, holidays and cruises like what Disney does?

    We may hear more on this deal from Netflix in a few days time when they hold a "Global Fan Event" on Saturday starting at 5pm on their youtube channel to showcase all their new stuff and Disney is doing the same on the 12th November as it holds what it calls its Disney+ Day to showcase its new stuff too.

    In one way I am delighted that Roald Dahl's works will get massively expanded and we'll now get a lot more "Charlie" "Matilda" "BFG" etc, but while Netflix has recognised the value of this British author, his stories are already translated into sixty three languages all around the world, why hasn't a British company done this?

    We have had many successful authors in this country with stories adapted for screen and stage, but will it only be the American tech giants that take advantage of all this potential?

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  • American companies are bigger as their market is bigger, it ultimately makes things easier to do. I'm sure all the British TV companies would love to, but they can't make the numbers work.

    The fortunate thing in our favour is British TV and film production expertise is valued in US, we speak the same main language, and we have lower costs for the same skills, whether that be acting or behind the camera. The main hurdles are hoping the American executives have similar enough tastes, and/or are willing to make something that isn't typical of their home country and hope that they'll like it over there. There's been numerous instances over the years of them trying to (re)make UK content and Americanising them so much they were unrecognisable.

    It does make me uneasy when creators give away too many rights to their works though. Short term deals are one thing, forever just doesn't sit well with me. Though Dahl is dead so it's not quite the same.

    I would be very cautious with any of my creations if I were ever fortunate enough to get published and have a modicum of success. Though I do look at some of my projects with an eye towards adaptations, some of them suit more than others.

  • Although I do have worry worries about Americanisation of our stuff, my main concern, if it can be called that, is simply lamenting that no British company seems to be able to do deals like this.

    Yes, the American market is bigger, hence they have large companies, but we have large companies too Cheeky and a load of very rich individuals with deep pockets. I just wish we had a tv/film version of someone like Cameron Mackintosh or Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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  • If people want to know what's coming to Netflix over the coming months, go to their youtube channel now for their "global event".

    Edit: they've just said its a three hour event and they will be going through all their new shows and films including foreign language shows.

    I think I'll catch the highlights later! :)

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  • Isn't Disney doing an event at the same time?

    You'd thing it was scheduled broadcast TV and they were running competing programming directly against each other... 8o

    I'm the same Horizon, I'll get the gist after it's finished. I already know there's a first look at Bridgerton S2 according to Twitter headlines. I don't need to see them, I enjoyed S1.

  • The Disney event is in November Cheeky.

    I did start to watch the Netflix thing, but then I thought I'd rather watch paint dry! ^^

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  • Netflix buys the entire catalog of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ author Roald Dahl
    Netflix announced it has bought the Roald Dahl Story Co., which manages the rights to the British novelist's characters and stories.

    In September, Netflix already bought all the rights to Roald Dahl's stuff, but now they've gone the whole hog and bought the company that manages the rights too, giving Netflix total control over all Dahl's works.

    What a shame it couldn't have been a British company to do this.

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