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  • So now Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have decided to introduce Windows 11, I'm pretty sure that when Windows 10 was being promoted Microsoft said that would be the last ever version of Windows and that they would just keep updating it every year, yet now they are promoting Windows 11 which current users of Windows 10 will get as a free update if their computer is compatible, and their lies the rub, they get to decide if your computer is compatible.

    So you would think a computer bought in March 2021 brand new, would be compatible, but according to Microsoft it isn't, apparently its the wrong processor which very much means I wont get the free upgrade unless I buy a processor from the list of compatible processors they provide, of course a cynical person might think they are in cahoots with processor manufactures to get people to splash the cash on a compatible processor, well it is Microsoft so anything is possible I guess.

  • Well this laptop is staying on W7 (W10 "upgrade" blocked) and my main system is still on XP SP3. It runs everything I need including the latest ARM processors IDE (Integrated Design Environment) compiler / debugger plus all my video tools.

    If I have to eventually move it'll be likely to a Linux distro.

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  • Yes, I wouldn't worry about not receiving Windows 11, provided they continue to support previous versions. Windows 10 should be good for some years yet!

  • Oh I'm not worried, and since I only got the computer I am using this year I certainly wont be wasting money upgrading it just yet, I only got this one because the other one I had went tits up after about 15 years or more of use otherwise I would have stuck with that one.

  • Microsoft makes it's money through continuous upgrades. BUT they are no worse than Apple who keep updating their IOS impacting existing hardware. At least Microsoft doesn't render older hardware redundant.

    I have no desire to upgrade to Win 11 on either my Laptop ( Win 10 ) or my trusty ultra reliable PC ( Win 8.1 ) At some time in the future I may replace one or other of those machines and at that time Win 11 will be stabilised and included in the purchase. Until then I will stick to what I have.

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  • I generally try to stay on the latest version of Windows but when I heard there was an approved hardware list which excludes 8th Gen Intel Processors and older I realised this release was nothing but a cynical shakedown, a collaboration between software and hardware suppliers to generate some revenue. To hell with the environment and squeezing the maximum life from existing hardware this is a pure money spinner. Next step is to update all existing software products such as office etc and only make them compatible with Win11.

    I dabble with Linux from time to time so probably will go that way again until things settle. Hopefully there will be resistance to upgrading and they will modify the compatible hardware list to take in a lot more existing machines.

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  • I cut my computing teeth on a Xenix OS running on a PDP 11-23.

    I also ran Red Hat Linux 7 as a dual boot with W95 for while long ago. IIRC it could run a Windows like GUI desktop called KDE.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


  • I used Linux Mint on an old laptop recently to give it a new lease of life as it was struggling with Win 10. It works a treat and is very lite on resources. Knowing the Linux language for installs and basic admin tasks is a little daunting to start with but there are plenty of how-to's on YT to overcome beginners nerves.

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  • they get to decide if your computer is compatible.

    This is the problem with a commercial OS they have us by the balls. They control when we spend more money with them and even if you have an application firewall to block all outgoing connections to Microsoft there will come a time when the device becomes so outdated your forced to upgrade. It could even be done via other devices like say you lose compatibility with phone syncing of something or websites no longer work with older browsers forcing you to update to a later browser but you then find that the later browser will only work on a later OS which requires later hardware and on it goes pushing everyone forwards along with the extra security risks that come with modern OS's.

  • I haven't checked my computer yet for updates, but I understood that you do have a choice on whether to upgrade. I've just had to buy a new Chromebook because it was supposedly out of date and a security risk. The old one works perfectly well, but as I do a lot of on-line shopping, I didn't want to take any risks.

    I have a desk-top but hardly use it because of the constant updates.I haven't adjusted to Windows 10 yet, so not ready for yet another version.

  • but as I do a lot of on-line shopping, I didn't want to take any risks

    Unfortunately your still at risk unless you use Firefox and harden it but that is outside the norms for the average user and even then there are risks depending on your browsing habits and how knowledgeable you are on cybersecurity. The biggest mistake anyone can do is believe that they are safe. It's impossible and sadly it's the nature of the beast so all one can do is lessen the risks like putting a car alarm on your car as a deterrent does not guarantee your car wont get stolen. Education is the key and remember that the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Google etc do not have your best interests at heart and only their profits.

  • I have too many to list, currently averaging around 30 very carefully selected add-ons for various things. I only use the Extended Support Release of Firefox as my main browser which borderlines on being it's own fork. I use four layers of security all set up as fallback solutions and to prevent any access by Mozilla and others, blocks auto updates, disables Experimental Features, Studies, Pocket, Firefox Accounts etc.

    Security starts with (1) enterprise policies.json file followed by (2) mozilla.cfg file both at application root level to cover all profiles including new ones created. Then I have a heavily modified (3) user.js in my profile folders which takes care of the bulk of about:config preferences. Then I have layer (4) add-on extensions for more user level control on a site by site basis.

    I also have a heavily modified userChrome.css so styled how I like it.

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    When I hover over the top address toolbar it animates so the URL toolbar enlarges, gets some colour and some of my add-ons show but others are in the drop down where I removed the Hamburger menu on the far right or on the bottom toolbar. Then when I mouse out it animates back to small and turns B/W and dims so distraction free and makes it difficult for over the shoulder peeping toms.

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    I do not use or have the main Firefox URL drop down activated or have any suggestions, history and autofill etc. This is setup very much like a much older version of Firefox. At it's default settings Firefox is not a very secure browser at all. Saying that it's still better than all the others. What makes it the best (only option really) is it's open source and available user customisation.

    It looks good in the dark style too

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    My homepage defaults to my chosen search engine which is Quant at the moment. I have others to choose from under the search. No Google. New tab (+ sign) goes to Speed Dial 2 which I have setup as local only and no outgoing connections to the add-on developer. It's really handy as all I have to do is click on the button next to my search bar that looks like a little thunderbolt icon and it adds the site to the Speed Dial 2 page without leaving the page I'm currently on and does not include those in my Firefox bookmarks manager so independent. I can then throw what I want to throw once I have finished with them or permanently put away in my bookmarks manager if I want to keep anything. It works a bit like the older Pocket before Mozilla purchased it or a scrapbook.

    I don't have any of that Firefox home content rubbish. I don't even allow Mozilla to give me advertisements and add-on recommendations or add-on store under about:addons page as all that stuff allows Mozilla in and sends data back to google analytics. I also don't allow any auto updates or check for available add-ons so manually do that as and when I please. Same for browser updates.

    This is the entrance to my castle so I don't leave the door unlocked and open for anyone and only allow in who I want in....

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