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    This series popped up at the same time as Foundation and as I have been watching it, here's my thoughts/review.

    The series follows several characters across the world in real time and it stars the excellent Sam Neill, who I really like and in my view has never been in anything bad, so that's a good start and he plays a small town American cop who is at the end of his career, literally. It's his last day and he thinks his whole life has been worthless.

    The series then jumps to other locations: Afghanistan, where it focuses on a American marine; Britain, where it focuses on a British schoolkid; Japan, where it focuses on a engineer who works for the Japanese version of NASA and finally back to America where it focuses on a integrated Muslim American family.

    As the series is about a alien invasion on Earth, you'd expect to see lots of alien invasion stuff, right? Wrong! This series, at least up until the episode I have just seen, is very much a "what is the meaning of life" type stories, the very thing that Foundation has been missing. It concentrates soley on the emotions and lives of these characters in real time as they go through their day and experience the invasion. All sounds good, except we don't get to see much alien invasion stuff. It's all to do with how the British schoolkid gets on with his friends and bullies, how the Japanese engineer looks up to her mentor, a astronaught, etc etc. But no alien stuff!

    As I said Sam Neil is excellent and the British schoolboy is superb too, so much so that I looked up about the actor and he won a international emmy award for a drama he did last year called Responsible Child about a killer kid. The actor is the youngest ever to win that award, so with these great actors in this series, it must be good, right? Well, not yet it ain't! It's one massive bore-a-thon.

    I think showing a alien invasion from the viewpoints of several people in realtime is a great idea, but you still need alien invasion stuff, the reason for me tuning in and at the moment this series severely lacks that stuff.

    I've just changed my view on Foundation and I am warming to it, so perhaps that may happen here, but things do need to crank up a gear to mantain my interest in this series.

    Anyone else been watching via official methods or not? ;)

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  • I still watching this bore-a-thon and it hasn't improved much. I'll see it out to the end of the first season, then that will probably be that.

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  • The title rings a bell and I vaguely remember watching it, but can't recall the details. Was this another series which was discontinued because the audience figures dropped off?

    There was an American series called 'The Invasion' (if I remember correctly) with Eddie Cyprian. It was supposed to have a longer run but it lost its audience, so the next series was never shown.

  • That was a different series, Suzie, on about ten years ago and that was good!. Unfortunately it never survived beyond it's first season which was a shame because I enjoyed that version on the alien invasion theme, but not this one.

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  • ‘Invasion’ Renewed for Second Season at Apple TV+
    The renewal for the sci-fi drama comes a few days before it wraps its first season.

    Last episode of the current season landed on Friday and it was quite good, but.... this series is still a bore-a-thon.

    In that article, the creators talk about making such anm engrossing story. Have they been sniffing something?

    Anyway, good or bad, this series will invade ipods and ipads again next year.

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  • I don't really know how they're going to sustain a second season to be honest. Another one of Apple's sci fi shows called See, I gave up on after the first season. It was just plain awful and I love sci fi.

    It's all very well having loads of money being thrown at shows, but they have to actually be wachable too.

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