New homes to get car chargers

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  • New homes in England to have electric car chargers by law
    Charging points will also be required in new supermarkets and workplaces in England under government plans.

    All good news, but what about the rest of us?

    I have a shared drive and the family car is parked in the street, so if car chargers did come in, how would that work?

    I don't fancy getting sued for having wired strewn across the pavement.

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  • As part of the push to reduce emissions especially in big cities such as London, getting people into EV's is a good idea. In many instances installing chargers at home is not an issue wherever you have your own off road parking. How much of this new build in big cities will be the traditional house with driveway? If you live in high rise chances are you won't have a parking space that is yours so some communal charging will be needed and that will be on a non-exclusive basis so may not be available when you need it. The old terraced streets with on road parking will be problematic unless road side chargers can be installed rather like old parking meters used to line the streets.

    Another question is how fast will these chargers that are required by law actually be? One of the big issues with EV is charging time and the rapid chargers use incredible high currents which are not available domestically. So these chargers are likely to be at the slower end of the scale meaning 10 or more hours to get 70% battery which will not be acceptable to many. Especially when the typical range os an EV isn't great. As most people will be buying the cheaper EV's they are really not much good for anything other than local journeys.

    I think this initiative will be a good start in the process of getting people into EV but it will not help many and older properties will remain a problem for now.

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  • Yes, they don't seem to be thinking this through very well, do they? If everyone is to get an EV, we will need charging points everywhere, particularly on residential streets and in town centres, and they need to be quick chargers.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, the solution is hydrogen fuel. That's where the focus should be.

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