You won’t own a car and you will be happy

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  • GB news where discussing this earlier. First we have COVID as a massive distraction and it's possible that was a US deliberate act planted on the Chinease to stir the pot via the WHO who openly admitted to congress to funding the Chinese. Then we have a war in Ukraine caused by the US and the UK poking the bear. Along with that we then have fake news about the lack of gas when in reality we only ever got a small percentage in the grand scheme of things from the Russians, and then big companies profiteering from us along with all the profiteering and price rises including petrol and diesel from COVID. Now they want us to abandon our vehicles and support the likes of Uber and public transport which in many cases would be more costly than owning and running ones own vehicle, or rather it did before all the price rises. And what's the excuse for supporting more Capitalistic warming. What about the rest of the world ay. Are they all going to abandon their vehicles. This all has the bitter taste of the World Economic Forum and likes of the Rothschild's. They don't want us to own anything. They want us to either pay for a service or subscribe to everything from computer software to TV channels. F**ck Capitalism and feeding the rich who would be more than happy to rake in as much money as they can so they can afford to build on space travel, escape to Mars and leave the rest of us behind to rot. That's their answer to global warming.

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