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    I certainly do see that there will be a steep rise in AVOD options in the future, which will grab the viewers who are not willing to part with their money for pay tv. However, I don’t believe that this is a great threat to SVOD services, which will continue to expand once this cost of living crisis is behind us. AVOD will be serving customers that SVOD cannot reach.

    I think this will have to happen well before the 2035 date, by which time I believe the existing free broadcasting channels will be coming to an end.

    Americans adopting ad-supported streaming services faster than subscription options
    Advertising supported streaming services are seeing US adoption at a faster rate than subscription-based options.

    This report indicates that AVOD is doing well in the US. I suspect that we will see the same trend emerging over here, fuelled by the cost of living crisis, which is bound to affect SVOD. Having said that, I won't be giving up on any of my subscriptions as I cannot abide wasting my time watching advertisements.

    I think the key to retaining as much interest as possible in SVOD is to offer more originals than would appear on the AVOD option, which is how ITVX will operate when it launches.

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  • And on that exact subject, there's another big thing in the works.

    Not confirmed, but the word on the street is that either Netflix will take over Roku or they will do some sort of deal with them.

    Although most people know that Roku are famous for their streaming devices (the Sky boxes are rebadged Rokus) what most people don't know is that most of Roku's revenue comes from their advertising tech and this is what Netflix is interested in.

    This is not just pure speculation either as last week Roku laid down formalities preventing its staff from buying any of its own shares for the foreseeable future. In other words, something is in the works and they want to prevent insider trading.

    There are also rumours that Comcast is also interested in the roku ad tech, so expect some kind of annoucement in the coming months, even not sooner.

    Roku, or what became Roku, was originally a division of Netflix.

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  • You’re not wrong!

    Rumor: Roku could be bought out by Netflix, and that could be great for Google TV
    According to a new report from Business Insider, Roku and Netflix may be in talks to see the streaming giant acquire Roku’s business. Netflix may buy out Roku…

    Netflix buying Roku would make a lot of sense
    With Netflix getting into advertising, it’s more aligned with Roku than ever.

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  • Research: Brit viewers value DTT
    A campaign to safeguard digital terrestrial TV and radio has been launched as new research by Ipsos shows that nine in 10 people (90 per cent) across Great Brit

    The reactionary forces are hard at work, I see. Isn’t it time that all British people started to focus on how to make new things work properly than cling on to the old way of doing things? We really are becoming a negative lot!

    The TV industry need to be thinking of how they can make access to streamers easy for everyone to access.

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