Eurosport and BT Sport to merge

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    We've discussed BT Sport's future in this thread: Will Sky and BT lose sports rights to the streamers? and others and now we have the answer. In a nutshell, although BT will still own 50% of BT Sport post merger, it looks like BT Sport will be completely absorbed into the Warner/Discovery empire once those companies have completed their merger in the spring.

    It's almost certain the BT name will be dropped and initally, at least, the BT channels/content will take on the Eurosport moniker. I guess the only question to ask is whether the channels will survive, or will all the sports content be put on the new Discovery/Warner streamer once its created??

  • I think the channels will survive for the time being as too many existing subscribers would be lost if their content was streamed only. It will take some years yet before fast broadband speeds are pretty universal in this country.

    They may well get a different name, though!

  • I think the BT name will get dropped from the channels once this merger completes later in the year and we'll just get Eurosport 1,2,3,4, 5 etc. But from what I've read, this merger will not affect the BT sports content as all licensing deals will remain the same, so the BT's stuff may not end up on the new Discovery/Warner streamer while those deals are in place, but then why bother to merger?

  • BT Sport becomes TNT Sports, launching on discovery+ > RXTV info
    Just under 10 years after launching, BT Sport is to become TNT Sports, with Eurosport due to be rolled into the new brand in the future.

    I'm surprised. I thought the new merged name would be Discovery Sports as WBD have a seperate Discovery Sports website alongside their main tv/films one, but clearly not.

    New service will launch on Discovery+ in July and at some point in the future, Europsort will be rolled under the TNT brand too, but no mention of channels AT ALL. So once, the Eurosport service gets rolled under the TNT brand too, could that mean the end of the linear sports channels from both Eurosport as well as BT?

    And, as I'm sure mentioned elsewhere, the Discovery+ streaming service is staying. WBD were going to merge it into HBO Max, but they've changed their name now.

  • This is why, I reckon, that WBD is going to keep Discovery+ and the HBO Max streamers seperate. So that Discovery+ will be the home of WBD's sports content and can command a premium price for its sports stuff unlike the current crop of reality tv crap.

    So much for having everything on one streamer... but, they make money and offset the losses if they close the tv channels.

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