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  • I always use the edit a post button on the lower right because that is the only button for an edit. It gives a choice of edit or trash.

    Thank you for confirming that and I know it sounds like I'm treating you like a three year old (you're far more experienced at forums than me) but I do have to rule out these things first.

    It's a bit like on other forums I used to visit, when people complain that their sat/cable tv box wasn't working and in some cases, that was because they hadn't switched them on in the first place.

    Sorry to have caused you all this fag, H. I just thought it was a waste of space to have a post reproduced as a previous version when it just contained a little addition or a corrected typo.

    I don't think your problem has been resolved yet and is different to what others have said.

    Your post should not be copied. I understand that. If it happens again, can you post a screenshot and what steps you took to get to that point? It maybe something I need to take to Woltlab.

    If my post is in this colour, it is a moderator decision. Please abide by it.

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