Why is the strongman so popular?

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  • A Village In The Third Reich review: Who were Hitler's biggest fans?
    What did ordinary Germans really think of Adolf Hitler, and how strongly were they committed to Nazi ideology?

    A new book is out which details what ordinary Germans thought about Hitler in a small village in the 1930s and 40s and unsurprisingly, most of them supported him. The Germans liked that he was a strong man and characteristic figure and the majority of Germans willingly embraced fascism and its leader.

    I was taught at school that basically there was this small group of people called nazis and they were the ones who were the "bad people" and the Germans were overall nice people and didn't agree with what the nazis did. Yet, this version of history flies against the facts. You can probably guess where I am going with this...

    The Russians will be celebrating their victory over the nazis tomorrow, including a flypast of planes in a Z formation, the symbol of their war against Ukraine.

    Despite Russia opening up to the West for the last three decades since the collapse of Soviet Union, a bit like Nazi Germany, it seems the Russians are no different in how they think and act as to how Germans used to think. Why is this?

    Putin has used the same techniques that Hitler used and has controlled the mass media with his propaganda machine, but young Russians have access to the internet and info on all the terrible things occuring in Ukraine. Yet, by all accounts, the majority of them support Putin.

    People like Putin or China's leader, are not really strong, in fact they are very weak, yet so many are willing to buy their act. What is it about these strongmen that makes them so popular with their own people?

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  • There's also a small Nazi division in the Ukraine. Putin is indeed using similar tactics to Hitler but we also use propaganda in the same way. It's really easy to put Nazi to the name but in reality being an Nazi is quite specific and not so much about invading and taking over other countries but the extinction of any race that does not fit the Aryan criteria, very much similar to how the Chinese treat the Muslims. Russia and Ukraine is plain and simple warfare no different from when we invaded Iraq. There are no laws in war and it's a simply a case of 'you have what I want so I am going to take it'. Good ol piracy.

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