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  • Very strange this coming after covid, but it seems to be unrelated.

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  • Yeh it's been around a long time but why is it all of a sudden an issue for us or have some gay men been bumming chimps. :rolleyes: It's not even that bad if you catch it. Probably no worse than Chickenpox combined with some flu like symptoms but the media seem to be making a big deal out of it. Apparently according to the news some UK citizens that have got it are now self isolating as a precaution. Maybe it's the increase in the gay agenda as a fashion and lifestyle choice and gays are well known for being promiscuous which could help it spread plus the reduction on condom use. It's not like when we had the big aids campaign and condom use has slipped lol especially among the young. It could even be natures way of saying what we are promoting is not right.

  • They’re saying chickenpox and smallpox vaccines work against it. In most cases it’s mild and containable and there’s no evidence of it mutating. Not easily spread either.

    Storm in the teacup comes to mind.

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