Assange to be put on trial At Last.

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    For far too long he has been hiding for years behind "tricky dicky" lawyers trying to avoid being tried for his alleged crimes. Now after the due course of law he will be either found innocent and will be free to go -OR- Be found guilty and be sent to prison. He has threatened to top himself - that's the cowards way out. Might be a good result.

  • mike murphy

    Changed the title of the thread from “” to “Assange to be put on trial At Last.”.
  • He has cost the taxpayers millions of pounds so far, he will appeal against the decision which will cost more, what annoys me he publish what he claims is the truth and needed to be made known.

    His actions may have caused harm to the US security and possibly Agents in the field may have even lost their lives possibly ours and other nations as well.

    But when push came to shove and he was put under the microscope he ran away ,

  • On the news today - All the usual suspects (lefty loonies) have come out against Assange going to America.--- Anything to disrupt law and order..

    Exactly, Mike. What is wrong with these people?

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