Last ever Neighbours tonight on Ch5

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  • Neighbours: 10 best moments from the Australian soap
    After more than 37 years on TV, here are some of the moments the soap will be remembered for most.

    Ch5 will be having a Neighbours evening tonight as the long running soap comes to an end.

    The channel has been funding the soap since it won the rights from then BBC several years ago, but with falling ratings, decided to pull the plug and tonight is the last ever episode.

    Will anyone be watching? I will! I use to love Neighbours.

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  • I won’t be watching it, but fans should be aware that this last Neighbours is followed by:


    A tribute to the Australian soap, the last episode of which is screened just before this programme, at 9pm.

    📲Channel 5, 10.10pm

    The full listings highlights for today and next week are now available on the ‘OLD BOY’S TV CHOICE’ thread.

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  • I used to be a massive fan, as did all my age, so yes for one time only, I will be watching some linear tv tonight. ^^

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  • I have been watching Neighbours since the days of Max Ramsay long before Scott and Charlene arrived on the scene. It used to be more like 'Sons & Daughters' and the 'Young Doctors' which are two other aussie soaps I used to follow. I used to watch 'Prisoner Cell Block H' too. So yes I will be watching as I have done every day for the last 30 odd years. I am an aussie TV fan.

  • I used to love all the aussie soaps too. Prisoner Cell Block H at night was a personal favourite of mine and Sons and Daughters was pure gold.

    As for Neighbours, loved the finale last night and it was great to see some familar faces. Guy Pearce as Mike was superb.

    I watched Neighbours pratically from the beginning and although he wasn't mentioned in the finale, my favourite character had to have ben Joe Scully. As it turned out later, I'm not sure he was acting most of the time, probably pissed out of his brains, but I thought he was great and brought a real edge to the show. But I am drawn on my favourite character and my other favourite who did make an appearance in the finale, was another Joe. Joe Mangel was pure comedy gold and the actor who played him, Mark Little, I think is very underated and has been underused over the years.

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  • I've seen Mark Little on UK chat shows before. He's very down to earth. I always liked Mrs Mangel but I learnt in a programme after the last episode that she was a British citizen and moved back to the north of England after she retired from the show. I felt really sad that it was the last show. It's like grieving for the loss of a family. I'm going to miss it. You gotta love the aussie sense of humour.

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