The Sunak Empire begins

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  • Rishi Sunak says UK in profound economic crisis and he will fix mistakes - BBC News
    Jacob Rees-Mogg and Brandon Lewis have resigned from the government as Rishi Sunak starts to shape his new cabinet.

    Well, we have a new prime minister.... again.

    Sunak has promised to bring back integrity and honesty at the heart of government and that certainly would be a good start, but after that we need competence. People who know what they are doing. I think few people doubt that Sunak knows a thing or two about money, but what about health or education policy? This is where he needs good people around him, but will he choose them, or nodding dogs who lap up his every word?

    Sunak is now putting together his cabinet and already a few of Truss' people have gone. Jacob Rees-Mogg has resigned and Brandon Lewis has gone too. Although I originally liked Reese-Mogg when he was on the back benches, a bit like Boris, he has proven to be treat everything too much like a game. Good job we don't have another ex-public schoolboy at the top, isn't it...?

    Will things be better this time around? What does Rishi Sunak need to do to get this country back on track and reap the benefits of Brexit?

  • Raab just gone into No10, looks like he will be DeputyPM. I am sure Harry Dunn's family will be delighted.... X/

    Jeremy Hunt is reappointed chancellor.

  • James Cleverly remains as foreign sec, we just need to see who gets the home office job. Both Schapps and Braverman are in No 10 now, as is Oliver Dowden, so it will probably be one of them who gets it. Surely after getting sacked by Truss, Braverman wouldn't be back in the home office.

    Ben Wallace remains as defence sec.

  • Penny Mordaunt remains as leader of the House of Commons. Good and clever move by Sunak. He wants to keep his job for at least the remaining two years of this current term.

  • Sunak is getting bashed by Labour over Braverman's reappointment, so we'll see how that plays out.

    I’m not surprised that Labour don’t want anti-woke Braverman as Home Secretary. She sees it as it is and she’s not afraid to say what a woman is.

    Communal lavvies will soon be a thing of the past, thank God.

  • Penny Mordaunt remains as leader of the House of Commons. Good and clever move by Sunak. He wants to keep his job for at least the remaining two years of this current term.

    I wouldn't have minded if she'd become the new leader, particularly at a time when the government is in desperate need of a figurehead that can look and sound the part at the dispatch box. I'm yet to be convinced of Sunak's ability to go toe to toe with his critics at PMQs. He doesn't strike me as being someone who'd be comfortable doing so, or spontaneous enough to deflect. On the plus side he's following someone who set the bar so low you'd need to be a world champion limbo dancer to pass under it. Truss was dreadful at public speaking. I'm not a fan of cheap political point scoring, brinkmanship and gutter politics, but being as we live in world where political soundbites, repetition and perception tramples reality into the dust, Sunak's gonna need to come out fighting and be prepared to take the gloves off from the start. No honeymoon period for him I'm afraid.

  • Yeah. He's doing okay. It's his first time out, so we should be kind. He seems to be holding his own against the barrage of "we want an election" from those opposite him.

  • Yes, I actually watched it out of curiosity to dee how he would get on, I thought he did well calm and composed, even Blanford did not growl and jab his finger he seemed for once to be in control of his emotions

  • I see Ben Wallace has survived. Would probably be a lousy idea to change him under the circumstances.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • I quite like Wallace and yes, it would be hard to get rid of him now. If Sunak wins the next election, then I'm sure he'll take the opportunity to have a wider reshufffle then.

  • Wallace said he would resign if he didn’t keep the 3% in his budget, so if Sunak didn’t want him any more, he’d just reduce the budget.

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