Traitor spying for Russia jailed

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  • Spy at UK's Berlin embassy jailed for selling secrets to Russia
    Security guard David Smith pleaded guilty of passing on details of the embassy and its staff for cash.

    I watched the sentencing of this scumbag earlier today and I thought that yet again, what world do our judges inhabit?

    The judge was very careful to say he was following sentencing guidelines, not law and he decided that this dangerous traitor to our country who clearly stated he hates our country, should only be jailed for thirteen years. And of course under the "beauty" of our system, he will be free in half that time.

    If someone happens to be that way minded and is offered a load of money from the Russians, they would weigh up the risk/reward ratio and for only a small amount of prison time, if caught, it would be worth the risk to betray the country and go for it.

    Where is the deterrent?

  • Just watched my myself, I would have thought a much longer sentence would have been more appropriate, but the Judge has to take into account his total hands up an guilty plea.

    From what I have read about him Billy no Mates

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