Deadly fungus Candida spreads in US

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  • It seems to be affecting those with major health conditions rather than the whole population. Still, it’s worrying, particularly as there is no cure.

  • I'm going to mute my comments on this, as it's a very raw subbject for me. BTW, I'm just glad I don't have to deal with such issues anymore.

    But to put it briefly, the issue of fungus is very common with elderly people and it was something both my parents battled with.

    You might think, what's the problem with a bit of fungus on the skin? The problem is, it doesn't stay there and eventually gets to various other places in the body including into the throat.

    Think of rotting food and what that looks like and you kinda get the picture.

    This new strain is as dangerous to sick, elderly people as covid. It might even be worse

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