HP is no longer allowing users to use non-brand inks for their printers

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  • Millions hit by home HP printing ban - you must now use official and pricey ink
    Millions of homes across the globe will no longer be able to use cheaper ink cartridges after HP released an update that blocks unofficial printing.

    I am surprised there's not been more of a public reaction to this development.

    Is this a step too far? What other technologies are going to tighten the screw so that consumers have to use the most expensive products?

  • I have a HP Printer they know if I put in none HP cartridges , when this one gives up the ghost I will not buy another printer from them

  • I don't see how the printers can tell the difference, but it is a bad move by HP. I have a HP printer myself and it will be the last one, for sure.

  • Individual refillable tanks is the way to go these days. HP sell them. Buy your ink from anywhere, it won’t know. The days of cartridges are over.

    HP Smart Tank Plus 559 Colour Thermal inkjet A4 4800 x 1200 DPI 11 ppm Wi-Fi https://amzn.eu/d/8MP75Bq

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  • I don't see how the printers can tell the difference, but it is a bad move by HP. I have a HP printer myself and it will be the last one, for sure.

    My PC is also HP and with the HP printer I bought to go with is , also provided me with software that can solve printer problems for me that is how they can tell what cartridges I have, I bought some HP cartridges from a market stall turned out they were counterfeit HP knew and told me so

  • I gave up on HP 20 years ago. Not for quality or ink but for for outright insult.

    My partner had a usb flat bed scanner. Mine had parallel upright sheet fed. If I installed one then the other the second install would overwrite the first. I called HP Support and the answer was "why would you want two scanners on one PC?".

    That was it. I did solve it by specifying an different install folder for the second one, but never bought HP again. Have been Brother since and they have been superb, and much cheaper.

  • Of course that was in the days of Win98. I dumped MS years ago for Linux. Brother has excellent drivers for Linux. Funnily enough HP are also good but not with that attitude. I know Epson used to be like that. One of our daughters had one and it failed with anything but genuine Epson ink. She never bought another and is Brother user now.

  • I haven't fired up my printer for at least 5 years. Haven't really had the need or desire to physically print anything. Should that change and I possibly opt to buy a new one, I'd certainly not consider buying a HP if they're forcing people down the branded toner route. Here's hoping other manufacturers don't follow suit and this decision bites them in the arse.

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